Installed BL3 on new computer and now all characters are gone

I installed Borderlands 3 on a new computer and all my characters are gone.
The system asked something about cloud save, apparently whatever I did, it reverted to 1 level 5 character. I had 2 level 50, 1 53 and 1 level 15 (was starting over with a friend that was new to the game)
I really dont want to lose all my characters.

EDIT: i saw several other forum suggestions to go into the saved games folder and rename the 1.sav to something else and rename something else to, could not follow the suggestions. When I look in the saved games folder, i only have 2 files, 1.sav and profile.sav . 1.sav is a much bigger file.

I’m guessing you’re using the Epic launcher? If your most recent local saves had not been sync’d up to the cloud before you downloaded the cloud save, that would be why the reversion.

Do you still have access to the old computer? If so, just grab all the save files (including the profile.sav one) on a usb and copy them into the folder on your new one. If you do that, make sure you pay attention to the sync direction of any prompts regarding cloud save.

I would recommend turning on the built-in incremental backup feature of Windows 10 (which is most likely what the post you found was referring to). It’s not on by default, but it’s a really handy feature.