Installed lilith dlc from epic store but the game does not recognise it and wont let me fast travel there!

Waited so long for the dlc on epic games, and it doesnt even recognise that its installed. clicked on manage add ons where both uHD textures and the lilith dlc was checked on! but when i go in game and try to launch the dlc with my super powerful lvl 72 maya, it says i dont own the dlc. LAME -_-

Go to Epic Library

Select the 3 horizontal dots on the right side of the game title

Select “Verify”

Download files

Restart Game

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Same issue here.
DLC owned in game store
DLC listed as installed in manage addons
verified the install
reinstalled base game and DLCs
no dice
alot of ppl seem to have had that issue a year ago when the DLC was first released,
no idea what finally fixed it, prob a patch…some ppl said buying the handsome
collection did it (req on console) but others had no such luck.
And you know how it is with people, they post when they got a problem and keep quiet when it is fixed…

+1 here with same problem

I know right! tried everything that came to mind, still no luck. I was thinking it could be a time zone issue and probably gonna wait a day or two. I mean what else can we do! Tried googling the problem but didnt get much answers there as well.

If you’ve already tried the Epic verify files option and the game still doesn’t recognize the DLC, please file a support ticket

Everything working now. Just to let you know…I did nothing…nothing…

Maybe someone forgot to update the DRM server? :man_shrugging:

Same. Idk what happened but its suddenly working. Probably GBX’s fastest fix ever.