Installed new HDD = Game Progression lost

Hi, I’m really hoping someone can help me out cause I’ve spent 2 days trying to figure it out as well as posting on Reddit but so far no luck… so launched BL3 yesterday to begging Kriegs Fustercluck and my PS decided the HDD had enough. After several hours of troubleshooting finally go get a new HDD an try to get everything back but the save data isnt in the PSN cloud, tried to pull it from the old HDD but it is completely fried and I lost over 12 days worth of progression. I could care less about getting all 350 items in my bank an on my 4 chara terms but if theres anyway for me to retrieve at least my characters at their correct level and story progression because I had Moze (54), Amara (60) and Fl4k (60) an just started a Zane (4), with several builds a piece for the higher level characters as well as beating the game on Normal and TVHM 6 separate times already. I did not have a copy of the save data backed up on a USB or I wouldn’t be posting this.

*** Side Note ***
My shift key Rewards History still has all the dates from when I claimed keys that I cannot claim again that were used on the above mentioned characters.

Any an all information would be greatly appreciated!

If you don’t have a copy of that save it’s gone. So only that one is missing on the Cloud?

And several others, it’s easier to lost what it kept: COD:BO3, COD:WW2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. All other save files never uploaded to the cloud even though it was active on my account.

Did you had auto upload on? And using Rest Mode?

Auto upload was active yes, and I do have it set to go into rest mode an all the functions are turned on in rest but it wouldn’t go into rest by itself after the 2 hour limit I put on it without me having to do it manually ( that was with the HDD that finally fried being installed ) but now it actually seems all the functions on the PS are working like they should, because before the one I installed yesterday I would have blue screens an system crashes multiple times a day an error messages but now it runs like the day I bought it. There was several times where the PS would shut down on it’s own in the middle of a session an wouldn’t restart for hours an when it finally did it would Rebuild the database ( this happened at least 2 times a week in the last two months of the HDDs life ) an BL3 would randomly freeze for ~5 min an kick me to the title screen if I didnt have to hold the power button. The only thing I haven’t tried because I cant now is backing up save data to a external USB then transferring cause the old HDD is kaput