Instanced Loot is great but

Really excited for Borderlands 3 and not getting loot ninja’d from my friends but I have concerns about loot instancing. First I want to present a couple of examples of ways that loot instancing could work

Scenario 1)A chest is opened and every party member gets the same gun scaled to their level aka Oprah Loot (You get an epic gun! and You get an epic gun!.
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque shotgun, Player 2,3, and 4 get an Epic Torque Shotgun)
Nobody feels left out in a party
No Trading necessary
Everybody has the same weapons
Minimizes the importance of loot

Scenario 2) A chest is opened and every party member gets level appropriate loot matching the rarity of the loot of other party members. aka Snowflake Loot (they are all unique and beautiful)
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque Shotgun and Player 2 opens an Epic Maliwan SMG etc.)
Gives players more of a chance to differentiate themselves in a party
Does a better job of showing off the crazy B3 loot potential
Loot Jealousy starts to creep in
Emphasizes trading
Increases the total amount of loot in a party, loot bloat could become a thing.

Scenario 3) A chest is opened and every party member sees completely instanced loot scaled to their level aka Yankee Swap/White Elephant Loot
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque shotgun, player 2 opens an uncommon jakobs pistol, and player 3 opens a legendary hyperion sniper rifle)
Further differentiates players and loadouts
Really shows off the bazillion guns tagline
Makes good loot more special when you get it.
Creates some serious loot jealousy in a party
Can cause players to think that RNGesus hates them
Further emphasizes trading

From what I have seen from game streams, Gearbox has opted to go with the first choice. Personally I think that Scenario 2 is the best option to show off what makes borderlands great. I have played a lot of Anthem and scenario 3 is a rollercoaster I never want to ride again.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have heard anything definitive on how loot is going to work.

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