Instanced loot not instanced?

Ever since Farming Frenzy began, my Friend And I have been getting the exact same loot drops from every boss we farm. We are playing on Cooperation. We have never had this happen before. We are also experiencing much lower than expected levels of legendary and anointed gear. Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know how to fix ?

If they grab the gear does it disappear from your game? The frenzy increases dedicated drops so you’ll see more of the same stuff. I have had a ton of Grave drops from GW.

When playing in couch co-op (Xbox) mode with “Cooperation” enabled (individual loot drops) … yes, I frequently see the exact same loot droop for each player (item, parts, annointments, additional effect rolls, etc … even the location on the floor where the item drops). They are “individual” loot drops in that each player gets their own instance of the item.