Instant cash out

Would be nice if when hovering over a weapon or item, the user had an additional option instead of only e to pick it up. Would be nice if another button, maybe m or something to instead instantly receive the cash value of the weapon. Basically it would be selling it to Marcus, but on the fly instantly in the field with just a press. Press the button, the gun despawns/disappears and the player receives the amount of money the gun would have sold for.

Could be a great quality of life feature to save some time. And so it doesn’t nullify part of the reason to even have an inventory amount for your character, maybe only green and common can do this and blue, purple and legendary would need to go to a machine.

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I presented a fully fleshed out idea of how they could add something like the “Vend-O-Bot” so players could sell items in the field. It didn’t receive a lot of attention.

I don’t think your idea is off base. (Thanks for sharing an idea!)