Instant death bubble

I just played toby on incursion. Both teams had alani. No surprise there i mean there is only a pidly 25 other characters to choose from. My first 2 out of 3 deaths were from her bubble. So i feel your pain lol. Hopefully alani will be the new ambra and people will stop playing her every match to try to take advantage of the newest broken character. Sick of seeing low skill people jumping on her and doing well. Thats just not how it should work. Should be no skills no kills imo

I don’t really think Alani is very broken. Just high tier. Anyone with a stun can almost guarentee a kill like Montana for example, but the problem is that ALani is the newest character and everyone is seeing her every game. If i saw benedict every game I kid you not I would have uninstalled by now.

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True on montana though you do need a wall and he is of course high damage as he is meant to be. The thing is i have no prob with a stun death. Just a stun that wraps you in the air with no obstructions. When you stun with others you rarely get 4 to 5 characters pummeling you as you do with alani. The bubble is very high visibility and people always see you unlike other stuns on ground level. Alani is def still broke. Its why they are still working on her and you can still see her in 9 out of 10 matches. Its not just because she is new i can tell you that. Cause if toby or whisky were the new characters you wouldnt see them half as much.

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No doubt Geyser is REALLY strong, but it does take time to line up and isn’t insta-death unless you’re a very squishy character, wounded already, or Alani has some support to fire with. I’ve been trapped by her solo and walked (or rather, ran) away from it.

A few times I’ve even managed to turn the tables and score the kill on an unsupported Alani after coming out of the bubble, even though she racked some Osmosis stacks from hitting me while I was up there. Shayne & Aurox’s helix to automatic shield recharge on triggering a skill helped that, in one instance I recall. I dunno, maybe they just weren’t elite Alani players, but I’m far from elite myself.

What’s really kind of interesting is that when I do some story modes, the Alani player often leads in damage, kills and assists, even when on the team with similar rank/level players who are technically much heavier hitters. I mean, Alani is meant to be primarily support. I like that she’s fighting support (one of my favorite archetypes across all tactical/strategic gaming) but her damage might just be a bit out of hand since she’s also got some very nice CC options.

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Erm alani bubble is no different to raths catalytic smash and his is much stronger then geyser

Geyser BINDS for 1 second only if u die within that geyser u was either in an ultimate or everyone focus u

Shayne fetch can pull a player and stun for 1 sec

Thing is people all targeting alani when tbh she is one of the most balance character she a dps healer and a wave clearer she is easy to kill 1v1

Shayne and kill alani within a fetch combo

Phoebe can kill alani within a 3 sec silence

Rath can kill her in a spin to win combo

And the list keeps going on and on

Problem is players are ignorent how alani works they will attack her with no actual thought of using there skills to combo her down … vs good players alani gets wrecked… vs bad players alani will kill u 1v1 because u flaying around trying to kill her which is often in pvp

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As stated, the bubble allows the enemy’s allies to attack you without obstruction, you so if you’re team is being out played and the bubble is landed then naturally you’ll die. I don’t see a problem with dying to a team playing well. It would be interesting if it changed from a geyser to say, a whirlpool that made it slightly less obvious you were caught, but I don’t see that as a huge difference other than getting rid of team play.

Honestly if I stand in the middle of 4 enemies and get caught in the bubble then that’s a decision which was made long before the bubble was even launched… I’ve personally only died in the bubble twice and play quite a lot.

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Usually what happens is my team will back them to thier robot and they will be stuck there as the ai robots crowd the area the bubble will be laid down in all the confusion of the robots and when i get caught those 5 people hiding will then unleash a torrent of butt whoopin revenge on my face. Its a choke point of course so hitting them is hard without placin yourself in danger. One on one though alani is not a prob. Though of course she used to be

OK let’s deconstruct this…

Actually other than the knock up its not much like catalytic smash. You don’t lose complete control of your character. If you have some kind of way to move in the air you can still try to reposition before you hit the ground. Geyser takes you straight up and straight down, helpless the whole time.

I know it says 1 second but I’m going to go close to three during the course of the whole animation. They should really call it stun BC you have no control of your character throughout . It also doesn’t take team fire or an ultimate with that extra 30% damage + damage to surrounding enemy players. That bubble can be auto death in a lot of situations.

Maybe I guess…I’m really not sure what situation you are picturing when that happens . Just being caught by Shane does not usually results in a easy kill. It’s a melee character and it doesn’t have rath’s DPS.

The amount of set up to get that silence is no simple task. You basically have to connect with two different attacks to get that off. Even then you can still fight back. I much rather get hit with silence than geyser.

Yup , along with just about every other character. You are talking about an ultimate which is also the other debatably OP ability in the game.

Yea, not sure I agree with that. The low skill threshold to do very well with Alani is interesting. Even the developers have acknowledged the OPness yet ppl continue to argue otherwise


the only way you can move in the air after catalytic smash is if they don’t have the silence.

Nope, depends on the character. Some have movement options that aren’t ability based. Caldarius for example can still active his lateral movement since it’s technically a jump once he starts to come down. Other characters have similar options.

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I find that bubble to be too long and I think that it should be removed, and her gayser should affect both heroes and creeps as a regular knock up would (knock ups are annoying on their own, without extending your duration in the air - recall all those fun times against Rath).

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Yeah, I completely agree. The “bind” isn’t necessary, it’s already a great tool, there’s no reason to hold people in the air for so long.

I think it’s odd that nobody even mentions the +%30 damage at lvl 2 on it either… that’s the real reason people insta-die in it.

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With the health nerf any time you can stun her she’s pretty squishy now. Anyone like Oscar Mike can harass her out of lane really quickly. The health nerf was a pretty big deal to her sustain in lane, she has enough CC that you likely won’t kill her but forcing her from lane is relatively easy now. I’m not trying to bash, but if you focus on awareness in game the bubble is reasonably easy to avoid unless you’re in a full team fight. It’s a fairly small AOE, and Alani herself doesn’t do enough single target damage to kill you unless you get bubbled when you’re already fairly weak when you get bubbled.

I have alani but never used her cause of how op she is. I didnt know bout the plus 30 damage thing.The time it takes for your feet to hit ground again is also a bit annoying. Seems to just extend the stun another second

Anyone saying its not op is either blind or playing Alani. Just started playing as Pheobe, my first 3 games, I found her to be really strong with stats 30-8 and I believe 4 of them were due to this bubble, so if one skill is responsible for half of my deaths its definitely not okay.

Please stay respectfull when you post.

For a full understanding and picture of a character and his abilities & performance its necessary to look at this char from all sides. This means its best to play the character and to face him/her as opponent.
Just perceived from one angle Alani might seem to be OP, but thats only an assumption based on a halfed picture. If you want to have a full picture its best to play her yourself. If you outperform everyone then right from the start you could be right.
But it could also be that you discover you´ve to struggle as Alani and give your very best for good performance, same as with every other character.

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