Instant death bubble

Nope, depends on the character. Some have movement options that aren’t ability based. Caldarius for example can still active his lateral movement since it’s technically a jump once he starts to come down. Other characters have similar options.

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I find that bubble to be too long and I think that it should be removed, and her gayser should affect both heroes and creeps as a regular knock up would (knock ups are annoying on their own, without extending your duration in the air - recall all those fun times against Rath).

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Yeah, I completely agree. The “bind” isn’t necessary, it’s already a great tool, there’s no reason to hold people in the air for so long.

I think it’s odd that nobody even mentions the +%30 damage at lvl 2 on it either… that’s the real reason people insta-die in it.

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With the health nerf any time you can stun her she’s pretty squishy now. Anyone like Oscar Mike can harass her out of lane really quickly. The health nerf was a pretty big deal to her sustain in lane, she has enough CC that you likely won’t kill her but forcing her from lane is relatively easy now. I’m not trying to bash, but if you focus on awareness in game the bubble is reasonably easy to avoid unless you’re in a full team fight. It’s a fairly small AOE, and Alani herself doesn’t do enough single target damage to kill you unless you get bubbled when you’re already fairly weak when you get bubbled.

I have alani but never used her cause of how op she is. I didnt know bout the plus 30 damage thing.The time it takes for your feet to hit ground again is also a bit annoying. Seems to just extend the stun another second

Anyone saying its not op is either blind or playing Alani. Just started playing as Pheobe, my first 3 games, I found her to be really strong with stats 30-8 and I believe 4 of them were due to this bubble, so if one skill is responsible for half of my deaths its definitely not okay.

Please stay respectfull when you post.

For a full understanding and picture of a character and his abilities & performance its necessary to look at this char from all sides. This means its best to play the character and to face him/her as opponent.
Just perceived from one angle Alani might seem to be OP, but thats only an assumption based on a halfed picture. If you want to have a full picture its best to play her yourself. If you outperform everyone then right from the start you could be right.
But it could also be that you discover you´ve to struggle as Alani and give your very best for good performance, same as with every other character.

PS: My “R”-key is buggy today, I´m sorry for occuring typos…

It has a small visual indicator but the actual radius that hits you is about twice the visuals size. On top of that it’s about as hard to hit with as Shadowpillar. So not hard at all.

Imo, it should be a knockup only with a helix to make it bubble stun at ground level instead.

It’s the most powerful skill in the game at the moment because it’s default status has more utility than most skills fully helixed.

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Yea, that and riptide has almost the same utility if not more than most ultimate moves. It’s pretty ridiculous that people don’t see that when they compare it to the existing abilities. Granted there are some exceptions but most abilities don’t come close to what Alain has.

Marquis is the only one that I can think of off the top of my head with that kind of utility but even then it’s more defensive than Alani. Her ability to keep the pressure on while she continues to regenerate life is a broken mechanic that should have never had been introduced.


The bubble is so powerful for the first 4 days i thought it was her ultimate.

I swear its 2 seconds bind and another 1second or more going UP then back DOWN, cant block during that so its good as hard CC, easier to land than a shadowfire pillar with less warning too.

I posted this in another but seriously People NEED listen to alanis geyser audio ques and its unique casting sound i believe it has a few take rath for instance will sometimes say a storm is coming or IM ENDING THIS when dropping dread wind on you alani will say liquid snake at time on her ult. But in all honesty just try to stay mobile and move around if eh is in the general area of the battle she will place it in the middle of a clustered group if you guys are obviously bunched up move if your in a pack of minions move solo its pretty easy to guess where she will put it if your a melee she will drop it on herself just to punish you for meleeing her this will catch you or insure you back off so she can gain distance.

And really the geysers is really all she has going for her mainly. It takes a few seconds to go off so she needs to place it very carefully, if she misses that then she needs to retreat more often than not. Its when she lands that is when she can really shines. Her riptide does little damage till she can get the damage added on to it and even then it doesnt to too much. I think her damage is a bit high and could use some adjustments but otherwise she is a very balanced character.

I just come out of a game in incursion eschlon

And omg… we wrecked the other team sooo hard

Kelvin, benedict, rath, toby, el dragon
Alani, attikus, toby, rath, oscer mike

We won due to there sheer stupidity i got 18 kills 1 deaths and 32 assists because they are very bad

Mistakes i wrote down when playing the match

  1. players lack awareness when alani is around… whilst rath, el dragon, kelvin was punching any of my team… they always got trapped in my bubble as they just too focus on trying to land a kill on my team mate if there is an alani around ur asking for a geyser as she will attempt to protect her allies

  2. as alani vs el dragon and rath and yes i watch my hp be healed with full osmosis stack and i heal myself for 350ish in 1v1 i barely come out alive with -100 hp with them face tanking my torrents for me to heal up i had to resort into abusing quick melee to gain distance away from there attack range and hit them with riptide to slow them down

So to all those players think that alani can heal from 10%-100% in 1 wellspring with full osmosis needs a reality check

Also pro tip u can see alani cast geyser she raises her hand above her head and u will hear like a creeking sound before it erupts

But alani cannot kill u 1v1 if ur on her u will out damage her healing quickly … the reason why u might of died against alani is…

  1. u engaged her with heath missing
  2. u engaged her when she with allies
  3. u walked into her bait geyser
  4. u try to chase her with riptide slow on
  5. u got greedy and died

Alani u need to attack her by suprise to kill her use stuns, knock up, silence and i will garentee u will killl her very quickly … if she starts to run… pro tip DONT CHASE HER u will die

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