Instead of more nerfing, can we have better, usefull animations?

What do we use atm?
-Very rarely… laugh
-What are we not using of the animations?
All of the rest are completely useless, chicken dance? Robot dance?! C’mon man…
-What would we really use?
A sitting animation This would be by far the most used, second perhaps to the wave animation… C´mon guys… it is a pretty obvious choice idkhtf you choose chicken dance instead of a sitting animation… It really baffles me…
A cool custom stance for each char? This would be much more used than the boomer robot dance and it would look awesome to take a picture with friends, much more than a dying animation or russian dance, I can totally assure you…

I find them to be pointless altogether

Ehhh, I’m not sure how it is on PC… But using the emotes means I can’t easily ping targets on console. It would be different if customizing the controller layout allowed us to designate a command for when a button is held vs pressed - but right now I simply don’t use emotes.

Although, the option to sit on a chair/bench with normal interact button would be welcome. I could actually enjoy more of the level design if I wasn’t always looking down a gun barrel/scope.

And one of the more polished things on this game atm is the level design, it is beautiful indeed. Lately I often stop shooting in the middle of a shootout just to appreciate the view, unironically in fact, the teammates that I am with when I do this must think that i totally lagged but in reality I am just watching the little details…

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