Instruction for Gold Medals!

Me and my friend got gold medals on solo play. You just need to know what to do. Here is how:

1.) kill as many enemies as possible for the normal score (blue points)

2.) you can find additional blue points in so called “chests” along the way. So opeb everything you can.

Now most people do these 2 things and go like “But I am still only at bronze.”

Here is why:

3.) Team Bonus:
These are the yellow points you see on the top left of the statistics during gameplay. These points are only obtained by “picking them up”.

They are dropped by either big chests (after opening those chests, yellow points pop out like 2 seconds later) and by bosses. Bosses drop them multiple times (2 or 3 times) after losing HP and again when they die.

Here is the catch… Those yellow points or “orbs” disapear after a few seconds so you have to be quick with picking them up. Probably the reason why they are called team bonus.

And here is an example at how important yellow orbs are:

I got gold with my friend on sentinel.
We had:
32k blue points
51k team bonus

So we had 83k points and got gold.

So once again. Team Bonus is important as hell when you try to get gold. So always run for the yellow orbs.

Little side note: The big chests only drop a few points of team bonus but the bosses drop them like crazy.

Edit: For those that don’t believe that solo gold is possible. Here is a proof pic of voids edge with 1 player.


I try to grab a movement speed at the same time, as you can grab more of the bonus ones then. It would be really nice if the timer on those was just a second or so longer (and maybe longer on solo - try getting any of them as Montana!)


I think you also earn credits from the breakable objects. It’s like 1-5 so not many in the overall scheme of things, but they add up. There isn’t any board I got less than a silver on. I think you also get points for Time as well?

Time nope.

It adds nothing on top.

And the game refers to breakables with points in them as “chests”… Like i mentioned.

Surprised they’re not called “crates”… Do you know if the game distinguishes between the ones that open with a lid (which would be chests), and the ones you literally have to break?

The ingame challenges have two names.

I play in german. So “chest” is just my tranlastion of the german word “Truhe”. The breakables that are glowing red and contain shards are refered to as “Fässer” in the german game. Barrel in english.

So all things that “open” or “break” with collectibles other then shards are “chests”

Another thing that I see people missing out on is Geoff bonus score. They turn on the gas during upgrade phase and get out. He drops score very shortly after the gas starts.

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Totally correct. He drops scores once he jumps into the upgrade station, after turning on the gas and after defeating him :wink:

I edited the original post to show a pic that solo gold is possible.

Do you need to complete all mission challenge?

Bronze, silver and gold medals are score based. So you don’t need the challenges.

You only need the score points (blue points during gameplay on top middle of the screen) and team score ( yellow points on the statistics screen on top left during gameplay)

At the end of the game the score points and team bonus become one.

Or for a better example:

Score points
+team bonus

=total score

As far as I know challenges dont change any of the 2 score for you (score points and team bonus). But since I am not so sure you can just finish a challenge and then look at your score points and team bonus after that to see if it changes anything at all.

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I bet your guyses problem is the team bonus. The yellow orbs on the map. Without those you guys are pretty messed up.

Since I replayed that map alot since its hard to get enough bonus points. Here some hints:

  • Renegade has a total of 3 big chests that throw out a few yellow orbs (not much really) but if your lucky the orbs of all 3 chests get you somewhere between 5k and 10k team bonus total.

First chest

Right when you exit the cave at the beginning. Where you do that wave defense. Turn left after leaving the cave and check if its there.
If not, then its hidden after the wave defense when the big door opens. Its either on the left next to a pillar or on the right at the end of that wierd catwalk xD

Second Chest

This one seems to have a big spawn area. After the cat walk turn left and go uphill. There should be some kind of vehicle on the left. It has a small chest behind it and sometimes the big chest too.
But it seems to have multiple spawns from there to the next core where you do wave defense (one spawn is like 2 feet away from the core :slight_smile: I found a total of 5 spawns for that chest. But maybe there are even more)

Third chest

This one spawns either in the building where you defend caldarius (at the middle entrance after the first stairs on the wall on either the left or right stairs or before you enter caldarius room in the hallway to the left and right of his entrance are small windows. It can spawn at one of those 4 locations.) And if not then its somewhere outside. Mostly on the roof where monsters spawn. Seems to have 3 or 4 different spawns up there.

Once you got all the yellow orbs that jump out of the chest you will be like “that team bonus i got right now is almost nothing” but here is the big one.

The boss drops yellow orbs twice while losing hp and once again after he dies.
So while attacking him always look above his heads if yellow orbs start jumping out. People miss those alot.

And once again… Those orbs dissapear really fast. So collect them as fast as possible :wink:

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If the team can pin him in a corner and prevent him from escaping outside once his shield wotsits are taken out, it makes it much easier to quickly gather all the bonus credits before they wink out of existence. It’s also possible to bypass several enemy spawns along the way, but that means passing up on additional kills, assists, and credits.

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Two more things.

  • If you post a screenshot. Then pls post one from the results screen and not the statistics. Cause that way i see your score and team bonus together. On your screenshot i cant see the team bonus you guys have.

  • Seems like you need 78000 for gold. Had 76k with shayne and aurox and that was silver. And I got 78252 Total score with alani and its gold. So it seems to be either 77 or 77,5 or 78k for gold.

Good luck

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I have gold or silver on all missions and agree that those pesky bonus orbs are key for high scores. Thing is, it’s a stupid way to determine how well you did. Ranged shooters and slower characters are at a disadvantage with getting those things and so often they fly off the map or rest on unreachable places and disappear so fast, you cannot get to them. Why should they matter so much?

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  • I finally got it !

  • Just had to open up more boxes…thanks dood !

You easily beat my highscore haha xD