Insufficient Credits when Selling Gear

As title states, when selling gear in ‘Command’ the credits returned are not enough. Feels like a f2p game based on credits returned -_-

At the very least a player should get 1/4 of what the item cost of to activate the Gear is.
Ex: 1800 shard cost to activate = 450. As a maximum return 1/2 of shard cost = 900.

I am aware there are some (if not all) Greys that have no activation cost. Same model would apply but be based on greens, then halving that.
Ex: [Green] 400 shard cost to activate = 100; applied to [Grey] = worth 50. Or just set a static return worth for Greys.


Yea this is good.

Selling trash legendaries or Epic’s should not give me just 45 or 80 shards. Gotta at least get something good out of it

Yeah, I don’t really get the current model. I could probably sell all 39 items I have in inventory and not get enough back to buy a common loot pack.

I agree +1

Oh how i wish BB had some system like the Grinder from TPS, grind 3 greens and get a nice blue. Grind 3 blues and get a nice purple.


A trade-in system would be nice too. I would actually prefer this to more funds per sale. Still, sell prices need to be inflated.