Intense Screen Flickering Bug (Seizure Warning)

So I’ve had this happen several times since I started playing BB again (had it since release but lost interest for a bit). Basically when I’m in command sometimes it will glitch out and the background will begin to randomly flash and change colors in triangular shapes. This is a bit concerning as this can easily cause seizures to epileptic players.

If you would like examples of what I’m seeing I’ve grabbed some video captures on my Xbox and I will post them below, but again SEIZURE WARNING if you choose to watch them.

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That is really weird, and very hard on the eyes. I’d suggest filing a bug support here if you haven’t done so already:

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Thanks for flagging this, @Kankuro7s. As @VaultHunter101 said, please make sure to contact our support team with this so we can track it. In the meantime, I’ll pass this on to the team so they can look into it.

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This has happened to me multiple times while playing PvP, specifically Incursion on Overgrowth. It really disrupts the matches. I’ve taken vids too but I have no idea how to actually share my Xbox One vids on the web because they make it so darn difficult.

Anyway, it has always happened when I’ve been playing BB for an extended period of time and it is the only game that has ever done this (e.g., it’s not my TV or Xbox, it’s BB specific).

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We had a discussion about it back in January. It’s been around for awhile. Screen flicker!

Also talked about it way back in July 2016. Screenshot included here: Graphics bug on Xbox one BB


Can you PM me your support ID, @rebelpenguins?

Sure. Where do I find this magical ID? :slight_smile:

From the main menu, just go to “Options and Extras”, then “Support Info” you just send me a screenshot of that window if you want.