Intense WW2 multiplayer just like Brothers in Arms! Amazing game

Hi Guys, the awesome game Darkest Hour has a new update, and many of the maps come straight from brothers in arms. And yours truly helped out with the gun sounds as I did for the bia realism mod. This is one of the most realistic and immersive ww2 multiplayer shooters. To get the game check it out here:

See here foucarville and dead mans corner map!

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Looks good, i’d play this if it had singleplayer, not into multi games.

How the hel did they extracted the models?|
Howevwe, the weapon models are pretty bad…
And, btw, The thing that made BiA a Great game was the storytelling…not the MP.

If they need help with the weapon models and textures, tell them to contact me.

Imagine playing BIA with really people using authentic tactics and tanks and combined arms… It’s truly amazing and doesn’t play like other multiplayer games. And the ballistics is more true to life with this. And this is thriving and as a BIA fanatic I know you would dig it. And YES, the dev team is looking to expand. It would be nice to get Rendroc (coding) and pooky (level design) on board too. If interested send me your emails.

And it uses unreal 2.5 which is similar to the BIA engine!

If they will ever make a cinematic SP campaign, I’ll be in.
I could remodel or improve the existing models…and create new textures based on real weapons photos…
But, honestly, I’m sick of MP based WWII shooters…they’re kinda “cold”…
Is this game stand-alone?

Well Marcomi, Pitchford said that what makes BIA great was the MP.

Also figure that it kinda screwed up HH when they took off the MP beta.

He said WHAT?!?!
Cannot believe that the author of the game COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD the very nature of the game itself

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That what he said! To me, what make Brothers in Arms great was it compelling gameplay and storyline. A lot of people said that the storyline is the complete ripoff version of Band of Brothers but this is another story of the 101st and its brother-in-arms.

IGN said that if you play Mad Max, then you should know the gameplay of BiA but there is no other WW2 games that allows you to be the squad leader and command your squad against overwhelming odds.

Here is the last thing that I’m gotta say: why is Randy avoiding BiA even though this is the first independent game that they ever created? What’s up with him and Mike? They promise us the final game and chapter and here they are screwing around making terrible games.

Now excuse me while I go and riot…

haha, Multiplayer… The weakest part of the game, and he is the CEO of the company.
That doesn’t bode well for BIA4 (if they finally make it)

I figured out today from looking at the HH manual that the multiplayer was created by New Rockstar in New England. Maybe they’re the one who shut down the beta.

Well, time to go get my shotgun and put them down…

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