Inter-racial marriages, a match made in space

A tad buggy here and there, but they work for the most part, and in the logical areas.

If you are in a 2v2, then having a HW1 race and a HW2 race can make for some fun times.

Here is one… go out and find the rest…

I call this example the “Wimpy” strat. As in Popeye’s Wimpy.

“For a hamburger today… I will gladly repay you Tuesday.”

What would a HW1 player just love to have right off the bat?

A nice gun-toting brick of a HW2 Refinery. Make it a double.

His Carrier and MS can now roam free, pumping out strikes.

No more waiting on cap ship research, and taking up a build slot.

And in return, the firstborn pair of cloaks, and a gravwell, are transferred to the HW2 player.

Hilarity ensues.

Whether its Torp Frigates, Marine Frigates, Destroyers or BCs… its just more fun all the way around.

Danger suddenly appears. Strikes move in. Just as they are about to fire… the cloaked well turns on.

As someone who researches sensor distorts early, sparing use of cloak is possible.

Anyone else have a story?