Inter-racial transfer ship cap bug

HW1 cloaks and gravwells can be transferred to a HW2 player without limit.

HW2 Platforms may be transferred to HW1 without limit.

We need ship caps for every race for every items please.

It is hilarious and fun, but broken.


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Ya, also one player can have 44 collectors (22 hw1 and 22 hw2) on the default unit caps. The same goes for fighters, corvettes, and probably some other things.

Many unit cap limits don’t work right when players start transferring ships to their allies.

A mandatory cap or an optional cap in the game options menu. ?

Seem a shame to remove it completely if it could be just made into another option. if all parties consent then no ones getting what they weren’t expecting.

I want a standard cap for all races for all things that match the original race’s caps.

Example -

Four HW1 Cloaks means any HW2 race ally can have up to four transferred to him/her.

Everybody gets a chance for anything from anyone else, but there are the same rules and limits for all.

Transferred tech should NOT count towards owner’s cap limits once transferred.

Example - If I max out on plats, then transfer the lot, I can now max out again… but the ally is maxxed as well. No one can ever transfer another plat to that player, unless losses occur.

Every player should have a cap for every ship in the game, but all non-race ones should be kept “under-the-hood”. Possibly another screen.

It is part of my team-play balance preference, over 1v1 balance.

The code and bugs will be fixed.

Lobby will appear soon™.

Team game players will be a large demographic. They may not be now.

Racial advantages are not always a “bad” thing in all circumstances.

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Why compulsory rather than optional ?

nothing wrong with what you say… would use it myself…But setting an arbitrary limit will always be wrong for someone somewhere.

would you object to agreed variable cap limits at all ?

What sort of number are you expecting here ? In my gut I honestly feel the draw of multiplayer has been overestimated for tthis game. Its good, but of the several hundred thousand who have bought into the this Remastering I feel its probably going to be a fraction of a fraction who make the jump to multiplayer. how many are playing right now ?

Oh yes, any option that be clicked on a setup screen is fine by me.


The more the better.

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There’s already an option. Just play on ultra unit caps in the game match settings.

The problem is the default unit cap doesn’t work right in mixed race team games.

Check… :slight_smile: Know where your coming from now.