Interaction between Solar Sust. and Song of Vigor?

TLDR; does anyone know if Song of Vigor’s passive aoe health regen proccs the +5% dmg buff from Solar Sustainer?
UPDATE: confirmed to not be working with SoV and OotS.

Wondering if anyone on the competitive scene has tried this cost-heavy support combo and would be as kind as to share their thoughts on its validity. If it works it looks fairly good on paper, but l am unsure as of which types of healing Solar Sustainer proccs off of.

Thank you for yout time!
Disclaimer: posted on phone so cba adding pictures of the items and their stats.

Unless it has been changed and wasn’t mentioned in patch notes, the Song of Vigor’s unique effect doesn’t work. I tested it a while back when I thought it was an awesome piece of gear and had a similar loadout idea to you, I didn’t notice my teammates receiving and healing and no “healing given” was displayed in the stats table.

Sorry that wasn’t really an answer, I’ll have to test and find out if it has been fixed since.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll need to look i to this myself it seems. From what l gather SoV’s aoe heal isn’t considered a Healing Given, but rather a buff which makes allies heal themselves more through hp/s, so it most likely doesn’t work.

Even if it did, a % increase would be negligent stacked onto a 4.2 base amount.

It’s not whether the healing bonus from Solar Sustainment (+Heal Power, +Attack Damage, Healing an ally grants +Attack Damage for you and the ally for 5 seconds) would improve Song of Vigor (+Health Regen, +Healilng Received, +Health Regen to nearby teammates.)

It’s whether Song of Vigor’s health regen being granted to allies counts as healing for the purposes of Solar Sustainment.

I do not have the Solar Sustainment, but I would presume as it is health regen (health regen not being affected by healing power or healing received so far as I know,) that it doesn’t activate Solar Sustainment.

That said, you could try using Oath of the Sustained (+Health Regen, +Healing Received, +% of damage dealt to enemy health is returned to allies as healing.) I don’t know if it would work, but considering it calls the health returned “as healing” it could very well work together.

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Yes, sorry for not being clear enough about what l meant. Ty for explaiming it in a better way.

Your reasoning holds true. Hm. I’ll definitely try to get my hands on it and find out if it works or not.

So l tried it out and neither item seems to activate the +dmg buff. Oath of the sustained does indeed appear as healing done on the scoreboard, but when testing it on split-screen my p2 did not get a damage boost even though the character was healed by the item.

Anyone curious about oath of the sustaimed might want to know that it only heals players nearby you. It also works very well together with Mellkas poison DoT, giving dozens of +1hp proccs if you dot up some minions with your magazine grenade. It also heals minions.

Oath of the Sustained is key for Right Behind You. I get team healer constantly as a Phoebe.

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