Interactive Skill Trees Down?

Not sure if this is the place to ask about this, but is anyone able to pull up the interactive skill trees on the official Borderlands website? I’ve tried on my phone and two computers to pull it up, as well as clicking build links, but the skill trees won’t come up, and I haven’t seen any discussion about this anywhere. If it’s not coming up for anyone, do you think Gearbox is updating it, and does this possibly have anything to do with a potential upcoming patch?

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Down for me atm too just to confirm. That’s all I can tell you.

It likely means they’re updating it, since it hasn’t been updated since it was released, so it should hopefully reflect the current skill numbers, but it would also be nice if they made some quality of life tweaks to it, as well as new changes to skills to reflect a possible upcoming patch.

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Trying to locate the talent trees on borderlands webpage but they are no longer where they have been. Just wondering if anyone else is having an issue. Thanks!

I’ll ask the community manager about this - likely means that there are updates going on (this happened once before)

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Not sure if this is the place to ask but is it possible for Class Mods to be added? I like to know how much points/boost a skill needs


thats an awesome idea

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Any reply from anyone remotely associated with GB or 2k?
Are they coming back anytime soon?

It seems they are unable to apply a patch to the tree without cutting it for 3 days…
Sadly a lot of templates are using this site and are now impossible to review.

It should be preferable to have an old but usable tree instead of nothing.

Beside that, third party site with class tree are updated faster after patch than the official… that’s quite ironic.

Is it just me or are the interactive skill trees from the official Borderlands website missing when you load each vault hunter’s character page?

C’mon Gearbox get your stuff together!

Threads merged. Not sure what’s going on but it’s a been a while. I did pass on the information to the Community Manager. Folks may want to drop a note to support as well.

I don’t know how up-to-date they are, but the unofficial skill tree site is still up and running if people need something urgently.

have a wild guess, I think the skill trees are used by devs only now and is private because of new DLC skill tree for all vault hunters, and only gearbox employees can access it within the company, but thats just my guess :slight_smile:

or they’re updating the API to reflect the changes they’ve made to some skills in a upcoming patch and keeps it offline until official patch notes are released :slight_smile: i like your idea better though