Interesting and viable peak runs

As the title suggest, looking for suggestions and interesting ideas for peak runs that are viable, specific weapons and gear load outs.

After doing hundreds of runs with the same load out mainly sandhawks + bee with maya decided it’s time to change it up and make it more fun and interesting. So did a run other night with @anon27689625 @tesanmartin @Sun_Tsunami @jhunter922 action skill allowed + nades, only weapon allowed to fire with was the grog and norfleet for second wind only. And it was probably the best fun in the peak I’ve had for ages, obviously took a lot longer to do and 2 Saturn’s with a grog is interesting to say the least. But it was fun and brought fun back to the game, and having to work more as a team keeping an eye on what’s going on everywhere. I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole 3 weeks it took to get to omgwtf. + side slag licked challenge badass points off the scale with the grog only.
Also interesting for me too was the grog I never use it for anything as @anon27689625 knows I’m too lazy to throw a nade an switch out to grog to heal, but maya using the grog with Pl it’s a stand out weapon on its own that rips through enemies.

So anyone have fun interesting runs to suggest please throw them this way.


How about something with the Hoplite shield and/or the Bane smg? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve done a bunch of different peak runs with friends, from lady fist only to madhouse, axton grenade runs, to thoughtlock runs

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@Sun_Tsunami I can imagine that I actually don’t think I’d stop laughing at that. @Derch thought lock sound interesting too how did that go.

@anon27689625 want ls to do melee only but I haven’t got a month to spare :joy:

4 maya’s with thought lock make a total joke of the peak

Really!! Definitely going to have to try that now. I’ve never used thought lock does it work on dokino and Saturn? And how do you deal with omgwtf

Some Thought Lock Info

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Thanks for that sun will check it out

Thanks for the op runs and the gear!

No probs :smiley:

The bane makes no sense it takes 20 minutes to walk to tannis :sob::sob::sob::sob:

now add the hoplite…lol

I forgot I had a video of the thoughtlock run, but also some runs where we all did team coms

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I’ll check these out later thanks. I’ve previously watched your twisted pimp build video an wasting skill points and definitely recommend them to others btw there’s a lot if good info in them that helps a lot.

Yeah dog did I left him behind, he’s probably still there :joy: I got so engrossed with the banes limited dialogue I forgot to fire tbh so funny that gun, swapping weapons. Reloooad, bang, aiaiaiaiaiai is kinda how it went so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’d go so far as saying it should have been included as my first gun and un equippable for the first 5 levels of the game now that would have been too funny and obviously my first shield the hoplite.

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haha. ZerO with nades and a bladded grog? Everything dies.

Krieg with a storm front and rtb? >: )

But what would you do with sal? Two grogs don’t make much sense.


I’m not sure I don’t have a sal just gaige an maya but the maya grog is pretty fun,

But the most ridiculous all out laughing award goes to the bane