Interesting factoid about green monster

Seems like Tesla effects boost its damage actually. It’s odd to test it on the guns and banjo relic but a easy test is the hex gernade and yea for some reason it can trigger it and actually make it do ALOT of damage. That is all I wanted to really say. Oh and the damage is like added separate not added so you will see corrosive damage from your hex and your gun in wont be put under the same floating text. Anyway enjoy your day

Also surprisingly works with Tediore Chuck’s if you’re fast enough.

That’s very interesting

It also works with Charged weapons such as the famous Ion Cannon or Maliwan Shockwave Shotguns.

Currently using it with a Recurring Hex and incendiary ION Laser. The grenades strip the shields and then do massive corrosive damage to armored target with the ION Laser thanks to Green Monster. Then the incendiary damage of the Laser rips apart health. When it starts jumping up and down too much I release the 6 projectiles in something’s face for huge damage. I’ve never seen hardened badasses drop so fast.

I’m using a weird set up of 11 points in BM (to get Redistribution which is enough to keep the laser topped off), 11 points in SoR (for Expermiental Munitions) and the rest into DW down to Short Fuse.

I’m tearing most things apart.

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I’ve been using variations of this with Blast Master and Mind Sweeper. Both are crazy. Just got a Green Monster and will test this out.

This is very interesting. I was trying the Green Monster out with Tediore pistols and it would work, but it wasn’t consistent damage numbers. I just don’t think I get exactly how it’s working.

Hold the trigger and never let go while reloading. The numbers will never be consistent due to how quirky both tediore and this com are. Each reload refreshes the counter, but the damage will apply to a lot of things…it’s…it’s weird

Oh, the reload resets it? That’s mainly why I was confused about how it worked. I figured the longer you held it, the more it added regardless of reloads. Worked pretty well with the Extreme Hanging Chadd.

The kill o the Wisp is weird with it. But yeah. Reloads reset

I bet the Lump would be great. Just fire and keep holding the trigger as it flies through the air.

So I got home and tested out the Green Monster with the ION laser. While it is strong, I think the Blast Master is stronger. Letting go of the trigger ever 3 seconds for 6 projectiles is just too strong. It’s about on par with the Mind Sweeper overall.

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i think there’s merrit in using a binary version for GM instead. the laser damage caps higher than standard, but the pellet launch is a little weaker and it doesn’t launch additional pellets.

Might be. But I’m tired of the Blast Master COM being so overpowered (and it gets boring playing with only one COM), so I’m sticking with something different. Plus, I like how I get all three of the major elemental types when paired with a shock Recurring Hex. It also fits my playstyle a bit better. The projectiles really require you to be in shotgun range for max effectiveness due to their weird spread and random pattern when they fire. The GM lets me sit back a bit further and strip things down from safety before rushing it for a coup de grace with the big blast.

I’d actually like to try this going down SoR instead of DW, but Short Fuse procing off the laser and blasts is just too damn good and you give up sustainability by not having Vampyr. So for now, I’ll just stick with some extra fire damage and regen from BM, the extra fire damage and DiB from SoR and keep the rest in DW, even if it doesn’t really boost the laser itself that much. Still good for grenade crit procs and the like.

I experimented with a SoR/BM build with the ION laser, but that was before the Green Monster. Issue was sustain, go figure.

i managed to shop a transfusion recurring tracker tonight, and i’ve been trying it on a build without vampyr. the transfusion effects aren’t reliable in reaching us, but sweet moses do they ever heal. mixed with a BBB, the sustain was pretty good, not too dissimilar to a build with vampyr. i just didn’t need the extra points dedicated to DW.

FYI Transfusion only works on flesh.

Yeah. Transfusion is limited. If an enemy has shields or armor, it won’t heal you (and Generator prefix will heal your shields only if the enemy has shields as well). Really cuts their usefulness in higher Mayhem levels.

Chupa’s Organ is probably a bit better because it ignores armor and shields and goes directly to health damage, so it’ll heal you through them. But if the enemy doesn’t have a red bar at all (like loaders) then it becomes useless.

That’s why Vampyr is so OP. It heals no matter what the enemy’s health types are.

This may explain the weirdness people have been experiencing with this com:

All the COM cares about is if ANY non-DoT damage occurred in the last second, outside of a few rules. (I would say the splash damage one most likely follows almost the same rules but I have not tested that com)

Green Monster damage resets in the follow instances:

You stopped doing damage for more than about a second

You switched weapons and HAVE NOT fired/started to charge a shot yet

You have reloaded and HAVE NOT fired/started to charge a shot yet

You have a slow moving projectile out and you fire a new shot from a different weapon

I’m aware. It’s still the best option I’ve found in the absence of vampyr as it’s still very effective at proccing redistribution as a cloning mirv tracker and then provides healing when flesh is present. Yes, it needs flesh to heal, but that’s rarely an issue.