Interesting Handsome Jackpot items?

I got a bit burned out on BL3 prior to the DLC due to TVHM M4 being sort of tedious IMO. So I haven’t played any BL3 for a little while. Decided to jump in last night and try the new DLC and have to say that it’s been much more enjoyable on TVHM M4. It’s still challenging but doesn’t feel nearly as tedious. Maybe it’s the lack of anointed or just more robot type mobs…not sure.

I have gotten some interesting items but I’m not done with the DLC yet so I’m curious what items others have found and made to work in interesting ways. I’m currently playing Amara with a phasezerker and transformer with TTB/avatar type build. I got this quest reward which I thought was interesting:

Considering I have Avatar + 5/5 Restless + a Snowdrift Idol with +21% AS CD I thought this shield might be fun to try. I also got a Golden Rule mod with 31% AS CD + the MOD effect of reducing CD when damaged. I wanted to see if I would just have non stop AS.

It does work pretty well to keep my AS going almost non-stop but the survivability stats on the shield are kind of bad so in those moments where I may have like 3 seconds to wait it can be pretty punishing depending what is going on. The terrain can also be a problem if in an area with different levels and the boosters keep going into inconvenient places. I also miss the added damage of Phasezerker a bit. Curious if anyone else has gotten this shield to work well in a build? I ended up going back to my Transformer and using that with the Golden Rule which seems like a good compromise and provides more survivability.

I also got 2 of these:

One is shock with better stats but the incendiary seems to work better. These seem really good so long as you don’t stand too close to your target (I killed myself twice with splash damage). So I’m curious how others may have gotten this shield or other items working into their builds or maybe other items they found that are interesting? That lucky 7 looks like it could be fun but haven’t seen one of those yet.

theres a new rocket launcher. Ion cannon. Can down annoiteds in 2-3 crit shots. Draw back is you have to let it fully charge for max damage. No charge still hits hard.

There are a lot of fun new toys including Ember and Torgue’s quest rewards.

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