Interesting item combo available for melee Amara players

I have this interesting pair available if any melee Amara players out there want to give it a try. They seem like they would have good synergy.

any particular trade you’re looking for there?

Trying to find an improvement over my current Phasezerker CoM. It has assault rifle dmg/dmg reduction. But if not your still welcome to them.

Ok I’ll take you up on them. GT: Tenebrouswulf and I’ll check what my phasezerker pulls are and let you know.

The only GT: I found was Tenebrous Wulf (with capital and space) is that you?

Oh yep. Forgot about the spacing

Checked my phasezerker coms only have a 50 melee, and dmg resist one. Actually really surprised that I only have 1 phasezerker pull. Definitely not a groll though