Interesting lines in the Homeworld source code

(Sam0) #1

Bugs (wonder if HWR fixes them):✓&q=fix+later&type=Code

//later fix this to support more than one team needing support

All of the single player scripts are available too (ending in .kas, I believe .mdb are compiled).

I also learnt that the Ion Frigates in Mission 14:

  • Double the health
  • Dealt double the damage

The AI also had interesting behaviour:

  • The Ion Frigates can respond to distress calls from the resource collectors.
  • If a cloak-capable ship is detected within the sphere, proximity sensors are “pumped out and roam around”.

(Siber) #2

I’ve heard claims about the double damage, but always had my doubts that it might be mythical. I wonder if it sticks around after you cap them?

(D Luniz) #3

I would hope not…seeing how often people would just take every ship they could till they either got bored, or there were no ships left


Interesting! :smile:

Let’s see what the community else will find out and do with the source code! I’m positive :smiley:

(There are rumours GBX might even fix the licensing situation, which would be great!)


I never really noticed any proximity sensors roaming around in M14 when I sent in cloaked fighters or cloak generators. Definitely interesting tidbits about the ion cannon frigates, I’m going to have to test that theory out.

I did use to notice odd behavior with the sphere though. Some of it shifted lower, while some stayed where they were.