Interesting new bug

So playing xbox here and wondering if anyone else has found this bug I just experienced yesterday.

I was doing some reconfiguring of my controllers yesterday so I was changing my accounts back and forth on the primary menu screen a few times and then I finally loaded in my lvl 12 siren and also my sons lvl 12 moze in splitscreen. Both were at the same point in NVHM at Athenos and I was being killed in 1 shot before I realized all the mobs were lvl 49-52 and the loot in the chests was all lvl 50.

When I looked at my map it didn’t show what difficulty I was on but somehow the game put me lvl 50 mobs with lvl 12 characters LOL.

lvl 50 probly joined ur game enemies scale to the highest player in copatition mode idk how to spell that anyways u said u was tweaking around in ur settings an stuff so u may have switched the game mode to (that word up there ) an the a lvl 50 joined ur game an the enemies scaled to them… if not then idk like u said could be a crazy bug…

Not here, I was in split screen so not sure any one can join, plus I have it set up to invite only since I only play with a couple people.

do u have a lvl 50 vh?

I do, and I did start a game with a lvl 50 a few times, but when I made the game with the lvl 12 she was the game creator and the moze she went into the game with was lvl 12.

I see what you are saying but the game was NVHM with her as the creator so even if I did add a lvl 50, the game hadn’t been beat by her so mobs should still be at the lvl 12ish range for the area she was in.

Plus, she was the creator and the alt screen was a lvl 12 moze so the fresh game never had a lvl 50 in it.

hmm good point send it to the report bug page an see what they say…did it stay this way after u quit an so forth?

Gonna try again tonight, I didn’t go back in last night.

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I remember about a week after release someone on Reddit posted a vid or SS of him fighting the rampager and he was level 82 not sure what happened but was pretty interesting, lol.

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