Interesting use of 25/50 anointment

I’m using a Blast Master cryo launcher build. Plaguebearer with the 25/50 anointment and swapping to a Soulrender with the 150/90 anointment.

In order to never reload you shoot the Plaguebearer on Cloud of Lead’s 4th free shot, swap to Soulrender to shoot a 3-round burst, then swap back and repeat. This limits you to anointments that don’t break on swap ie 150/90, uRad and the last one I’d think to try 25/50.

What’s interesting is that between the swapping you can take advantage of both 25/50 and 150/90. While the projectile is out and getting CoL with the Soulrender, initial hits are getting the 150/90. As you swap back (and enemies are now less than 90 HP) the other projectiles spawned by the Plaguebearer can take advantage of the 25/50. As a bonus the Soulrender will sometimes shoot homing splash skulls.

I’m using all cryo to take advantage of 100% damage from Superior Firepower. Also using Infernal Wish (works on Soulrender skulls too), Snowdrift Victory Rush with heavy and AoE damage and cryo Recurring Hex. Here’s the skilltree I’m using: Skill Calculator • Moze • BL3 | Lootlemon

It’s been fun to play with and works well, especially takedowns. Between the swaps enemies are hit hard initially and then cleaned up as you’re charging to shoot the next projectile. Sometimes you might pause on swapping to get the most out of each anointment.

And with a 25٪ OGT grenade you’re free from any action skill start/end dependency. Still recommend a Guardian 4n631 for bossing when necessary. Haven’t tried incorporating uRad with Deathless artifact yet.


Hm yeah not surprised, it’s an interesting anoint but could use a buff.

On the other hand I’ve been getting great use of the now buffed “Killing an enemy grants 13% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds. This effect stacks (10 times).”

Another one I’ve never used before. Cool thing is these stacks buff any weapon you’re holding, so I can still swap to proc CoL or just take advantage of the increased reload speed. Been wondering if there’s a further way to use this.

Another unused but intersting one is “On ASE, Weapon Status Effect Damage and Chance are increased by 75% for a short time.” Specced into Explosive Fury (+15% status effect dmg) and Superior Firepower (+100% status effect dmg at full stack) combines to 190% status effect damage. This goes directly into cryo damage because it doesn’t DOT.

This has been netting me the highest damage increase I’ve seen, over every other anointment I’ve tried. Using a Tobaggan, Plaguebearer hits for 80 - 90M and higher.


Curious if you have fully tested the status effect anoint and explosive fury…when I was playing around with cryo moze it did not appear that explosive fury was giving any bonus to cryo damage. I also tested the anoint although with a different VH and received no extra cryo damage. It seems strange that this would only work with Moze/with Superior Firepower specced, but then again, I’ve seen a lot stranger things in this game.

I found that it could also be somewhat (surprisingly?) difficult to upkeep the stacks of SF and ended up abandoning the cryo game for more points out of the purple tree, however it can certainly hit hard. I went urad (because that’s what Earl gave me so I ran with it) and with 8 points in the red tree you can max thin red line so you can still use IW and toboggan combo (if you can spare the points).

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I haven’t formally tested it. Just observationally while I tweak things and repeatedly running Guardian/Maliwan Takedown. So I could definitely be wrong.

Upkeeping the stacks is funny because most mobs get one tapped, so not much time to apply an effect at all. Hex grenades work well though, and IB or IC.

Lately I’ve been messing around with the 500% elemental crit nova anointment again. Noticed the D.N.A. got buffed and it’s elemental damage is unlisted but randomly cycles through incendiary, cryo, corrosive and shock. The chance seems low but the DOTs are some of the biggest I’ve seen on Moze, around 900k ticks. This procs some monster novas with either headshots or grenade crits coming from Pull the Holy Pin. Is the DOT scaled off gun damage?

It’s really cool to use every element (except rad) and it can actually finish off mobs with DOT alone. Nova + Mindsweeper is a fun, effective combo but it’s not like it outperforms Plasma Coil or anything.

Still some things I could do to push it further.


Upkeeping the stacks is funny because most mobs get one tapped

Yep, this was the main problem. That, combined with the fact they were getting onetapped anyways with a rad PB and less purple investment, and also Wotans cyro resistance were the reasons I stopped speccing SF. I started using almost an identical build to the one you originally described when trying to figure out how to clear the true trials efficiently, although with less points to IB buffs and a mindsweeper, even down to originally using the soulrender. I ended up switching that to a Barrage as there are no delays between bursts (night-hawkin has the same effect if you are trying to upkeep HH although you will need 1 less point in CoL as it is a 4-burst), because I found that every burst worked out the same mathematically as 1 shot from CoL, so I can enter a room with 9 in the PB (+ mag size on toboggan) shoot a “free” shot, then 2 more to take me down to 3 for click click, switch and burst 3 times, and I’m back on my “free” shot. Basically, take as many burst shots as PB shots and you will always end up back on the free shot. If MoD pops an extra rocket or two into my mag, I can safely empty the mag as low as 1 without risking a reload as CoL has this “feature” where when you shoot your free shot with less in the mag required to shoot the gun, it refills the mag (from the backpack) to exactly the amount required to fire the weapon. In this way it’s basically impossible to consistently maintain a full bonus from CC, but +40% gun damage for generally being at or around 33% remaining ammo in the mag is not the worst bonus for 3 points investment, and safer than say, Desperate Measures, while being less limiting than Harmonious Havoc (although I do take that one sometimes as well).

I’ve also tried different iterations using or killing cub, and in general find I have faster clear times when he is dead, though your mileage may vary. Big Surp and the way it interacts with Skag and Fuse is not to be underestimated. I do sometimes give him Cap Arms for takedowns, as he is very effective with these and even with a mindsweeper will generally not murder himself.

500% e-crits is a very interesting anointment, works well with the hex grenade, and has some interesting effect with mindsweeper I’m not sure I fully understand but it has certainly been effective to use, and won’t run into the CoL switching issue. However, from what I understand there is a hidden cooldown to the effect, and the DOT you want is not always the DOT you get to proc the nova. As far as DOT scaling goes, it can be somewhat random but in general I think it’s safe to assume higher damage guns will have higher dots, and most weapon types have a general dot chance although of course there are always exceptions. Launchers and shotguns often have some of the biggest dots and lowest chances. Kinetic weapons have hidden dot stats. There is a nimbus (Amara classmod) breakdown somewhere on this forum that goes into dot details fairly well.

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Oh hey, it’s you! Had to look it up, your True Trial speed run inspired me to go down this route! Honestly never thought of using CoL like that and all the flexibility it affords. Thanks!

It was an added level of fun using an Atom Balm ontop of 500% novas and Mind Sweeper. I heard splash damage boosts nova damage. Maybe area-of-affect/splash radius and TCP as sometimes the novas seem larger than usual.

Kickcharger and Plasma Coil have the highest DOT damage I’ve seen, but I’m not sure it can be made use of because they’re so outright powerful.

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Word, I had been wondering about that since I read your first post, but didn’t want to discount the possibility someone else had come up with this idea independently. Shortly after I started using this build I did a google search to see if anyone else was doing something similar, and although I didn’t find any videos, I did see forum posts dating back to before this game was even released of people at least theorizing using CoL in this same way. Glad you are enjoying it, I considered CoL a “passive” skill for a long time, always like to find new ways to get the most out of things. Was also hoping someone else would use this method and come up with a better way than I had, nice to see it evolving somewhat.

I’m pretty sure anything that boosts splash damage or radius should affect novas as they are generally (always? except maybe stinger shield although that might be splash and melee together) considered splash to the game. So AoE on artifact (2nd or 3rd slot), splash radius on class mod and TCP. Not sure if the radius of the weapon you are holding would affect the nova, might be something to look into. Kickcharger is probably the highest DOT in game rn at least that I can think of offhand, although Ion Cannon may be higher, espec. since it can come in kinetic which will generally have a higher DOT, strange as that may seem. Pretty sure free radical is higher than plasma coil. Kill ‘o’ the wisp is another notable offering, used to be the “go-to” nimbus weapon from what I can gather. Another interesting one is the lob, as the DOT is not amazingly high, but I’ve seen dot chances consistently around 57%.

I was playing around with the terror reload anoint, I’m sure most people favour the damage/fire rate and ammo regen instead, but I found that it can be procced (just like selfless vengeance and also overclocked for Fl4k) simply by beginning the reload process and switching away. Combining this with CoL and a terror melee Facepuncher, and perhaps some nova radius boosting stats as well as Superior Firepower, you could shoot the fp with your free shot, then swap to the burst gun of your choice, fire and then tap the reload button and immediately swap back, thus avoiding the long and clunky facepuncher reload animation and freely spamming powerful cryo novas. Also found the nova’s damage was the same regardless of 1-3 stacks of terror, and was definitely affected by splash bonuses.
Would this be an effective build? Probably not. But it was fun to play around with for a bit for myself, and would love to see somebody make good use of it.

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Weapon charge speed is definitely a game-changer, as you know, for anyone using Plaguebearer. Finally got a Blaster Master with it, and splash damage. DPS shot up big time.

You can get off two shots with Some for the Road, which doesn’t seem great but is way better than one. Assuming a base magazine of six and procced after a free shot, you can just spam until you get another free shot. I’ve got a collection of ASE anointed PB that can make use of it. I’ve got no mag size bonus unfortunately but 3/5 Iron Bank gets me one more round to extend the fun.

After some messing around I still like cryo for the pure damage output. Incendiary gets so much scaling that the other elements (or no element) do a fraction of its damage. Superior Fire with cryo keeps up well with it.

I dropped the cryo Hex for a radiation one. It’s 10% less damage from HH but seems much easier to upkeep SF stacks plus radiation burst damage on kill.

Yeah, charge speed seems to be possibly the highest DPS passive stat for this particular CoL/PB synergy, also part of the reason I switched to the barrage as I found that anything that helped me put out more rockets quicker decreased my clear times significantly. I generally don’t put enough points into the green tree with this build to unlock some for the road, it works really well with a backburner or globetrotter as those both have a decent firing rate with no charge time (and Scrappy reduces COV start-up ignition time), and I’ve also had some success using it to help maintain green monster, on some guns with the right points specced I can manage to chain cub deaths to almost infinitely maintain the bonus. Other than that I generally don’t take this skill, especially for this build since as you mentioned even with charge speed you can only get a couple extra free shots out of it. If you’re on playstation I have a L72 toboggan w/ mag and cooldown and another redundant passive (corrosive resistance I believe) that I am happy to send your way if you’re interested, should get your mag up to 10 (or possibly 11 with those 3 iron bank points) - RhetoricalFish on PSN

Another thing you may not be aware of, in the instances where you are able to fire more than one PB shot consecutively, I find it is faster to switch away from and immediately back to the PB than to just hold it the entire time, as this seems to skip some kind of “cooldown” between when the rocket leaves the barrel and the next one is allowed to begin charging. Also makes it easier to reproc the toboggan.

Also went back and checked, plasma coil does have a higher DOT than the Free Rad, although the pistol has a significantly higher DOT ratio (damage/chance).

Would love to see this build in action if you get the chance to record any gameplay, might convince me to give cryo another shot!

I think you’re doing it the best way for speed. Rad PB, Barrage, Hex with IW and Tobaggan charge speed. I can’t see beating that. With cryo it may just be damage vanity when I’m pausing the game in photo mode to see how much damage I can push.

However I was trying out cryo PB with next 2 mags radiation, so no swapping but IB hop in hop out. Between cryo, incendiary and radiation you’re always doing positive damage regardless of enemy health bars. It was intersting to see how it was working though.

The elements seemed to go in order of cryo, incendiary, then radiation. If the cryo hit outright killed, no other elements seen. If it didn’t then incendiary (FitSD, CoL, BS) and finally radiation.

Got me to realize that assuming +100% damage from SF, any other bonus elements are using that initial cryo hit for their damage? Seems that way looking at Prismatic’s bonus elemental damage formula above. It would be why incendiary hits are always higher with all the inate fire bonuses in the skill trees. Also been overlooking the TVHM elemental damage scaling per enemy health type.

Not really looked at it that way before. Wonder what you could do with Supieror Firepower, 6/3 Desperate Measures and 50/100 on a cryo PB so you could still CoL swap.

Cut, hold, back up. No. Don’t, this is a major underestimation. Being on M10 or M11 and triggering SF already makes it 275% of the initial hit.In all likelihood you’re decently north of 500% per trigger.

The cryo hit determines the SF base damage. The bonus elements use the same base damage that the cryo hit used, but apply their own elemental formula to it and don’t get splash damage boosts.

Doing this loses Stoke, Scrappy and RPM’s. Even specialist on Bear. It’ll be a damage loss to you. Likely a clear speed loss too. Superior Firepower at 100% cryo sounds nice, but realistically if you’re shooting any form of gun it’ll be a damage down to be that far into purple tree.


Summoned. Thanks for the info! Why is SF so much higher, mayhem scaling?

Double dipping generally, but Mayhem scaling helps. Assume your Plaguebearer bullet hits the enemy for 100 damage after all your bonuses. Short Fuse takes that 100 and then applies its entire formula to it. So at M10 its:

100 x 0.5 x 5.5 = 275

However if you then go ahead and throw a grenade for 25% OGT and say you have TCP, and splash on gear giving you about 100% splash. That barebones extra will make it:

100 x 0.5 x 5.5 x 1.25 x 2 = 687.5

All I did was add part of your skill tree, a small anoint and 2 gear rolls.

Ah, before with +100% damage from SF I meant Superior Firepower at full stacks, applied to cryo. Then that damage used for other bonus elements.

Short Fuse is definitely hitting for some very high numbers.