Interface improvement suggestions

Hey there fellow mayhem-seekers,

it’s been a fun few hours! But even after just a handful of missions a few things already annoy me interface-wise…

This is just a loose collection of these little things (nags!):

  • the menu shortcuts (which I have all bound to my mouse buttons) like [I]ventory, [M]ap, s[K]ills an [L]og are not working while being in any of the menus themselves - in BL2 I could just change from menu to menu right from my extra mouse buttons
  • for the life of me I haven’t figured out an efficient way on how to compare items - is anybody out there really relying on the item score?!
  • The two-column inventory list is driving me nuts - would be nice to have just one column or use the second only for items and the first on for (groupable) guns
  • I guess getting used to the new rarity visuals and item cards just needs some time - but couldn’t the item score and manufacturer have the same color as rarity in invetory/storage lists?

I’ll keep adding along the way and would like to know if anybody else has the same thoughts on these issues or if there are some work arounds or things I just haven’t figured out yet…

anyways this is a blast!!!

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