Interfacer Locations

It’s stated on the Wiki that the Interfacer can drop from OOO as well as Vorac and Dexi. As I’m in the process of farming OOO for the Twister, what are my chances of getting lucky/unlucky and getting an Interfacer in its place? Does anyone know if they’re both in the same loot pool and one will replace the other as a drop, or are they separate? Or what the droprate(s) is/are?

As far as I know you can only get it from Vora, there have been reports that the raids rarely drop seraphs that are available from the vendors but I have never seen it.

Gotcha. So I probably don’t need to be concerned with it eating my drop.

I would be more concerned with getting struck by lighting or winning the lottery


I got an in interfacer from the only one OOO i’ve seen

OOO and Dex can drop them as I have gotten one from both…Vorac is the best source but he is a bear to farm…

Besty thing you can do is find a friendly Gunzerker with his “kill Vorac” build and weapons…

Fight takes about two minutes each and it’s the best way I know to try to get an Interfacer.

And Interfacers are great…but be aware of the ranging limitations. If you cannot keep yourself positioned at the “convergence range” where all pellets will intersect (which I find to be about 5 or 25 game meters) you are far better off with a conference call.

But if you can stay at convergence range and pour it on…no other shotgun can beat it.