Intermittent diagonal stripes

As you can see in the images the game that are attached I have intermittent diagonal stripes in all the screen. I have an i7-3620Q core and a nvidia geforce gt 635m graphic card (2gb), Windows 10 and a 64-bit operating system, that are above the minimun requeriments for the game.
I had optimazed the game in nvidia and had the latest driver of it.

In fact the game runs perfect, no freze or other problems like that. But the fact that it haves those black strips make it unpleasant to play.
I had try my others games and no one have that problem (Skyrim, Assassins Creed IV, Europa Universalis IV, Total War Rome II, etc).


Have you updated ALL your drivers? Something like this happened to me but went away after updating my graphics drivers.

Yep, I have all the drivers updated, I double checked and all of them are the last version.

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Hmm… Strange. But anyway, ask someone better then me like @BitVenom

Windows 10… Hmmm…

I have Windows 10 and mine works perfectly: