Interrace Refinery Compatibility

As some of you may already know, currently RU collectors can make use of other races’ refineries. Part of me enjoys the fact it encourages teamwork but I don’t recall this being possible in HW2.

Is this expected to be patched?

You could in HW1 and HW:C, not sure why it wouldn’t be the case here.

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I was wondering because HW2 previously didn’t allow it. In HW:C the docking pads are similar but Hiigaran collectors docking with a Vaygr refinery definitely looks strange :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Note that you can’t dock HW1 collectors on HW2 resource points, or vice versa.

Yes you can. At least hw2 collectors can dock to the Hw1 MS pads. I’ve ganked plenty of HW2 collectors and harvested with them.

Yup it is possible.