Interspeed Outburst Chance to Slag Formula

Just occurred to me another possible use/synergy for this skill . AMP shields.

IA can really help one get 1 shot kills and trigger unstoppable force and blood soaked shields to pop the shields back up … Sadly IA might charge a bit to slowly to make this an effective play-style …


Hahahah, I’m already working on this. I mentioned over in the sparkleroid thread. My plan is to use a Bee, Railers, Slow Hands, and Singularities, IO, and DFA to create a mess. I think it can work, and if you alternate actions enough (like changing DTs Element), you can let IO Charge while DT does some trouble


Update. In just random play, I’ve seen the Slow Hand proc an IO slag. When no direct hit, it just picks an enemy to apply the slag damage and chance to. So the Slow Hand won’t break the Slag mechanic (it would have been hilarious if a splash weapon could slag a whole radius) but it doesn’t NOT APPLY either, which is something I read somewhere.

The wiki is increasingly inaccurate :joy:

I’m pretty certain maliwan snipers splash CAN slag (or freeze in TPS) multiple targets. But the radius on that is quite small.

IO I tested with multiprojectile shotgun … first projectile/pellet hit get the IO damage and rolls apply slag even if multiple enemies are hit by the various projectiles.