Interspersed outburst PC causing crashes. (RTX)

Interspersed outburst is causing crashes on PC with new graphics cards like my RTX2080. It happens even if i’m not the player using the skill. it’s happening to other people too and it goes away if no one is using it. This needs a patch or a workaround.

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Moved you to the right spot. IO generates a large, dense particle effect cloud when it procs, so:

  • Are you running original game or with the new 4K/UHD textures?
  • What happens if you play with the relevant physx/particle settings?
  • Can you pin down when this started happening, and was it associated with a game, OS or driver update?

If you haven’t done so already, please file a support ticket here, including details on your graphics driver version, OS version, etc. - thanks!

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yo, me too. i have a RTX2060.

Yes, same here.

Using Gaige since she was released till now over a couple of PCs with no problems. Changed to my current PC with a GTX 1660ti (essentially an RTX generation card without the raytracing module, it was as soon as the card was released, so whatever the original nvidia drivers were at the time) and Borderlands 2 crashes after a few minutes of gameplay with Gaige (either playing her myself, or with someone else).

Playing solo I was crashing fairly soon after starting play (within 5 mins, no HD pack)

  • did some googling, changed the PhysX settings to all different settings and tried, continued to crash
  • saw the Interspersed Outburst bug posts, took that off my build and no more crashing, playing for hours happily

Then more recently I was playing as Maya with friends after having installed the HD texture pack and kept frequently crashing (within 5-30 mins of gameplay), initially I thought it was the HD pack and uninstalled it, but it kept crashing. One of my friends was on Gaige and it seemed to happen more when i was close to them, and I remembered the issue, so asked them if they had the skill (they did) and so I asked if they’d mind removing it from their build. They kindly removed it and we played together happily for a few hours after that with no issues. (so the most recent nvidia drivers - 430.86)

Something popped up in this thread:

I think it would be worth trying the same thing - IO generates a ton of particle effects which create the slag digisplosion (and obscure everything in the process). So it makes sense that turning Ambient Occlusion off might actually make a difference.

Turned off AO and DoF. PhysX medium. Rebooted game, first shot IO pops and game explodes. Going to respec now and see if this works. Just got a 2060 Super and was wondering how it could possibly “run out of memory” considering stat tracker shows it not using more than 2gb from the card. Google brought me here so it seems like I may have finally found the reason for my crashes.

Edit: Yep. IO was the problem. No crashes yet.

There have been a couple of other threads with similar symptoms. Some have found windowed rather than windowless and setting to 4K rather than 1080p have worked. Might be worth perusing a few of the video/memory issues threads just in case.

Hey there! Wanted to bump this thread and say its a damn shame, but I’m still having the problem mentioned in the thread, October 2019. In particular, its been most prevalent on Crystalisks, but its crashing me at least once or twice an hour, on a good day. RTX 2070, and its a real shame because I love the skill and its been really helping me on my vault-hunter run. I’ve noticed it tends to work ok if you’re some distance away (I was sniping things from the ridge near where you fight Shorty, with no real problems, but as soon as I got closer in range, immediate freeze and crash.

Sure hope this bug gets smashed at some point. I’ll give the window’d and 4k thing a try, though!

Edit: No Dice. It started crashing every time I hit an IO shot, after trying the 4k/windowed mode. Nothing wrong with the hardware, either- This is the only game I’m having crashes with besides the occasional CtD on modded Skyrim, and as parts go its not an old rig. I put it together maybe June-ish? This year, for sure.

Real bummer. Was absolutely adoring her elemental build. Slag/Elec/Fire all off just an Electric sniper felt real great. Tried her other paths and am enjoying them significantly less X.X

Yup, BL2 used to be in my Top 5 favorite games of all time, haven’t played it in months and probably won’t ever play it again thanks to this bug. I browse the forums every few weeks to see if there’s anything official posted, but not holding my breath.

Seems to crash with just about any skill that creates large amounts of VFX. I think you might be on to something about the distance from the effects blob, now that I think about it, most of the crashes I can recall seem to have been CQB’ish range.

Given the things I’ve been reading about BL3 plus the crapstorm surrounding GBX lately, this is pretty much a write-off. Fun while it lasted though.

Have either of you tried with Ambient Occlusion turned off? I know that’s worked for some folks with RTX series cards.

Not sure if I ever tried it with AO disabled, it was doing godawful things to my blood pressure so I uninstalled it right after my last post in Freezing, freezing, freezing. Partially to have a clean slate if I ever attempt to get it working again, but mostly so I’m not even tempted to.

I’ve gone through a couple nVidia drivers and updated win10 from 1809 to 1903 since then, I have my profile and saved games archived.

Hi, i was suffering with this issue on a RTX 2070 Super, playing as Gaige or when my girlfriend was on her using this skill. When removed all was good as stated by others before on this thread.
I went to the Nvidia control panel and assigned settings for Borderlands 2.exe and changed two things, first was disable threaded optimization and second was the virtual reality pre rendered frames to use the application 3d option.
Since then i havent crashed anymore, using Gaige or with someone else using her in coop, and with Interspersed Outburst active.
Hope it helps people that have this problem!

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