Interview with Randy Pitchford

5 Years ago this month, our humble little gaming group at was born on the old Gearbox Forums. In the last few years we’ve grown into a global gaming community for adults spanning over a dozen countries all over the world. And this past week, it all came full circle as a few Reapers were given an awesome tour of Gearbox Studios and a sit-down interview with Randy Pitchford. Check it out!

P.S. Thanks for everything jeffybug!!!


As a PS player, I like how Randy says the PS4 gets the biggest improvement (due to the PS3 struggling as it did). Other than that, he doesn’t really say too much at all that we haven’t already heard.

There’s actually scant info on the performance of BHC other than very general statements. I’m slightly worried that the game isn’t as technically polished as we are expecting.

Cool video. Randy seems like such a chill guy who really enjoys what he does. I can’t imagine the pressure he must have at a times with his responsibilities but he seems to handle it well overall. Just a big gaming nerd like the rest of us in addition to developing.

thinking this myself Master-Beef, sense it was outsourced for this remaster and not done by GB itself, based on past DLC that was outsourced, Crossing Fingers its good, less than 24 hours to play for me, will see

I dunno what I’m worried about anyway; it HAS to be a step up from the flick-book that the PS3 version was!

thanks. It was an incredible day and Randy is about the most chill guy youre ever gonna meet

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