Intro videos have broken sound

Idk if this was a problem in previous borderlands games as I never played 1 and presqual and 2 I played on a ps4 pro. Anyways strait to the problem intro video for gane has broken as hell audio mixing I can’t hear markus talking over the music. Dlc 1 for some reason was fine dlc 2 and 3 where also broken couldn’t even hear a word for dlc 2 but for dlc 3 the problem was still there but not with such intensity. Also the ingame generated cutscenes work fine. PLEASE NO SPOILERS FOR DLC 3 I JUST STARTED IT AND ALSO NO SPOILERS FOR DLC4.

All of my DLC intros are bugged out with sound cutting out completely and the video is glitched out all to hell.

I had to watch all the intro cutscenes on Youtube…