Introducing and the Global Battleborn League!

Welcome to, the website for everything competitive Battleborn! We are a group of dedicated fans that are interested in seeing the competitive community for Battleborn take off. With that in mind, we aspire to provide news, editorials, guides, tournaments, videos, and much more!

So, what does currently offer?
News/Articles, Community Spotlights, The Global Battleborn League, and much more!

Currently, we have two tournaments coming up! The first one is our first weekly tournament (sign up is full!) and the “Peacekeeper Cup” at the end of May! We will host weekly tournaments after this first week, so hang with us!

Check out!

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please tell me this is just a pc thing… no offense, and i mean that sincerely, but THIS is what starts elitism in games and toxicity. i understand that you most likely have the most absolute of intentions and motives, but this is 100pct how it happens. i have absolutely no control over what you do, but take it from someone with a lot of experience with this sort of thing, please just consider having friendly private matches with whoever. but when you start making a website and having tournaments, etc., you are bringing something into the game that should be exclusive to the developers. if they want leaderboards, tournaments, rankings, then let them have that.

understand that i am not coming from a place of disrespect in any way, but from a place of a lot of experience and genuine concern for keeping this game free from cancer. idk if you’re used to LoL, CoD, idk, but please look at what that sort of thing has done to every single example of a game that you could possibly bring up.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, we truly believe in what we are doing and will continue to do it!