Introducing: Deombra!



Machine Pistol - Deombra’s fully-automatic machine pistol fires in a short-range spread.

Tessurium War Fans - Deombra’s primary melee weapons that strings a series of rapid melee strikes, she can also hurl her fans at foes for ranged damage.


Hack & Dash - Deombra charges foward dealing damage and pushing back enemies. This skill also hacks enemies to temporarily stop them from using their abilities.

Thermoptic Surprise - Deombra becomes invisible for a short period of time, during which her speed is boosted considerably. Attacking, using offensive abilities, or taking damage disables her camouflage. After becoming visible again, all of Deombra’s skills and attacks temporarily deal additional damage.

Translocating Holotwin - Cloaks Deombra and deploys a decoy to fight for her in a short period of time. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for extra damage. She can also switch places with the decoy while it is active.

EMBS (Electromagnetic Blink Storm) - Deombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast. Plus, upon activation, Deombra unleashes a flurry of strikes directly around her, stunning the closest enemies and dealing extra damage per hit.

This is drawing of Deande and Sombra my friend drew for me on Christmas and it is Awesome! What do y’all think?


Huh! Looks like Deande and Sombra together are still only 25% as sexy as Mellka… which, to be fair, is very impressive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to your friend, it’s a cool piece!

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I object to this statement on the grounds that it attempts to make Deande appear inferior to another Battleborn. To have Deande be inferior to another battleborn in any way shape or form would be equivalent to breaking the laws of physics. And I like physics.

I also rate that image. top marks in my books for the inclusion of Deande.


Which I do every time I Claw Lunge, so suck it, Jennerit. :wink:


Phoebe can teleport.



Thanks, I’ll be sure to tell him that.

Excuse me… we ALL know Benedict RULES THE SKIES!!!
But with grace, and style, and an ASS THAT WON’T QUIT!!! AND FIREWORKS!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

Lights off hundreds of bottle rockets from a Tempest skyscraper.


Oh… and @batman59b19, that drawing’s pretty cool too. Hella better than anything I can draw. Although… I have to admit… based on the title… I was totally expecting a Battleborn themed bra. The Victoria’s Secret… Battleborn collection. IT’S NOT A WEIRD IDEA!!! STOP LOOKIN’ AT ME LIKE THAT!!!


So far it seems like we are just trying to kill each other to prove Mellka, phoebe, Benedict, or Deande is best. Which is a waste of time because Deande has burst dash. However I think there is no easier way to settle this than to grab a pile of badgers, cover them in honey, and launch them out of a cannon at anyone who disagrees with us respectively . Last one to not have rabies wins. (I learned this one from marquis, though he uses it to pummel the financialy destitute and not his rivals)


Your friend has some skills. Very cool.


Thanks, I’ll be sure to tell him that his work is “very cool”


Give Phoebe her Blade Dancer’s Shoes and Attack Speed gear and Deande will be dead before she knows what hit her.

And you know what, not even the Spymistress can hide from Shadowfire

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Give Deande a bunch of shield gear and few levels and phoebe won’t get anywhere (in a strictly 1 on 1 situation, and provided the Deande is extremely competent).

And why hide when you can drop kick over them (shadowfire pillar has a low enough damage ceiling, but requires impeccable timing) and then burst dash the orendi. Then orendi dies. Or runs.

Give Mellka a drink and she’ll make it disappear faster than you can say “we need an intervention”

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“We n-” wow that was fast.


Revealed! Dismissed! Paradigm shift!

Reveals don’t counter Deande like they do Pendles. She doesn’t immediately lose all benefits of stealth like him. She has five seconds to land a burst dash and deal massive damage and slow a low health target.

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come at me orendi.

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I can’t help it if you aren’t playing against good Orendi’s.

The ability to practically one shot a character kinda gives him an advantage even over Orendi. Even if it’s a good Orendi. And in that situation a reveal would do nothing.

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…or would it?