Introducing Helga, the Hyperion Siren (Jack's #1 side chick)

See, Nisha was his main. But Helga was filling in on those off nights…

So here goes my attempt at a Loyalty run. Maliwan seemed too easy but I wanted to baby myself on my first one so I thought (hoped) Hyperion was a decent choice. I’ll document my journey along the way as much as I can remember to. Time to get off the bus…

Soon I shall have the Hyperion background proving to all my homies that I’m worth all the hyp! (See what I did there)

My first beast. It claims lives. I’m ready for Craw.

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Yeah, Hyperion along with Atlas are the rarest manufacturers in in the game. Can’t say if one is more or less rare than the other, but finds are uncommon. In the run I’m doing, however, the quality of finds make up for the lack of quantity.

this is going to be useful! Nice early find.

this would be so very useful right at the beginning like I am… but Jack would disapprove.

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Never been so pumped for a white shield. giddy

A predictable upgrade. I’ll take it!

Rather have a lady fist…

Finally some relief from the repeaters. Plus way more DPS, yay! Hyperion for life.

Sigh… (walks on)

…anger. Stupid TK Baha. Any other time it would be green.

Little shield upgrade. Probably have to start investing in diva soon. Currently sitting at 5/5 quicksilver.

15 hey? See you in 4 levels…

Apparently level 15 will bring much needed variety!

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Get the green paint, for I am green with envy! My Hyperion character still hasn’t gotten a sniper, and he’s already in PT2!!

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I’m level 13, just got plastered by the big goon in Sledges safe house since I’m using level 6 guns…also passed up a 233 capacity 20 something recharge HEALING tedious because Hyperion Helga has never known the touch of such filth and she won’t start today! 3 points into diva to balance the lack of shields, “balance” being very generous. Off to level up in the circle of slaughter and crystal mines for hopefully some more guns…

Seriously, level 15 I’m ready for. Also a slight damage increase to the sniper. Still very white and crappy haha

Finally hit level 15 after a bit of chest/vendor farming. Not only can I use the tasties I’ve been hoarding, but I just got a few more than have made a big difference.

That longbow has bailed me out already quite a few times. A damage upgrade for it? Twist my arm.

This. Thing. Rips. I went into circle of slaughter with it concerned about Helga’s well being. She ran through the alpha skags like a hot knife through butter. Finally a good gun! I’ve already passed up an anarchy…which was difficult to do!

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Thank you Hyperion! You always know what’s best!

You mean I actually get to have a fire weapon?

My first shock weapon, eridians are coming soon…

Circle of slaughter Reward for completing last round. I can’t believe my luck getting Hyperion for the rewards, let alone purples!

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Sledge has been taken out, my new weapons are really doing work which is a nice change of pace. No Hyperion mods to speak of yet so I’ll just use Pangolin until something comes about. Spectre unfortunately has to wait for Knoxx. Anybody know if that’s Craw specific?

I’ve been farming the Dahl headlands for a bit and found a few useful items, most notably a new shottie


Slightly blurry but a definite upgrade to the green smg I’ve been using.

I have been finding so many anarchies…Sooooo many. Maybe Hyperion wasn’t the best choice for this. No mashers and no anarchies…I should have went Dahl!




It’s about time! And it’s still under leveled, but Helga is thankful regardless.

Well, Mad Mel (by far my least favorite part of the game) is dead, and I spit on his corpse. Off to speak with this lady who has a thing for skag pearl rings. New Haven ahoy!



Pretty much broke the bank but it’s the first I’m actually allowed to use. Now I need to find better elemental weapons besides my shocking shotty.

I’m following this thread now. Keep it up, man! The colors you chose for her outfit are perfect for Hyperion haha. Regarding the Spectre COM, it is limited to Craw or a drop from the Assassin units (the WANTED: dead!) mission. You can also farm them for a quest reward from either the Circle of Duty Sergeant or Corporal mission. I don’t remember which one unfortunately. Looking forward to your build at max level! Executioner Spectre and Butcher or Bitch elemental Tormerntor, maybe? :smile:

It’s the Corporal rank mission, I should know.
(shouldn’t have gotten greedy and passed up that 5 line blue one I saw so long ago)

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