Introducing: The Discord "lowlibot" & Gear Sharing

So if you happen to lurk on the Unofficial Battleborn Discord Server, you might have heard there’s a new Magnus in town that goes by the name “lowlibot”. This little guy is eager to assist you with finding the right gear for any conversation.

Initially lowlibot was a little too eager to please and I had to get Kleese in to do a bit of his computer wizardry to limit its capabilities as well as give it a little bit of an upgrade (I also got quite an earful from him on the principles of good robot design and how practically all the work I did on it had to be scrapped and started over). So far, no one has been killed, but always remember that Magnuses can be a little bit…funny. :sunglasses:


Created a documentation page on my website and shortened the response from !gear help, providing a link for more info.

Truth be told. Little lowlibot actually isn’t all that smart as it leaves all the thinking to a new API service (cough Magna Carta cough) I created on my website that aims to allow you to share a gear card on social media or embed it as an iframe.

If you have used my Gear Search App before you will now see that there is a new icon in the top right hand corner of each gear card for sharing.

So grabbing the image link, I can now share a piece of gear directly into the conversation!

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Note: Hmm, looks like there’s still some kinks to iron out as when I copied the image link into here it didn’t auto generate the image tags as I thought it would… :thinking:

Added a “Forums” pre-filled embed code to the list of share choices. It should work on any forum running BBCode and will look like what you see above.

Due to the way I am generating the images, these had to be cached, meaning if there’s an update, I then have to regenerate them. The embedded version is dynamically generated so it will be 100% up to date with the information on my website, the catch is that there aren’t a lot of places you can drop embed code in and not all web browsers are going to render it the same.

Go say hello to lowlibot (use the !gear command to ask it something), and feel free to suggest ways I could empower the little guy without sucking an entire solar system into a singularity :wink:

An important announcement from @Kaleidodemon

The bot can only be accessed in the #discussion-battleborn , #battleborn-balance and #battleborn-gear channels at the moment.

Disclaimer: This was a fun little hacking project I cooked up over a Friday-arvo/Saturday that turned out much better than I thought it would. There are likely going to be issues that I haven’t accounted for so keep this in mind. :sunglasses:


Well done, it works great.

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How would I go about adding this to a Discord server?

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Follow this approval link and assign it to the server. Note you have to be an admin to be able to add it.

I also have a private server for testing if you happened to just want to jump on and have a play around with it.

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I am. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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Update: Added pre-filled embed code for use on forums that use BBCode (ie these forums).

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It now works on Gulf’s server, well done gents.

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Is this a public server?



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An Electric Dream Machine?


When are they going to give you the Ultra Super Community Badass Badge?


…Jac said No, but if you are nice he will invite you I suppose. :smile:

It’s a server I set up for me and my friends to use while we played, but it’s not an exclusive one.

@lowlines this is so cool)

That’s alright, just make sure to let me know if you come across any quirks with it. :sunglasses:

Will do. Seems to be working just fine so far.

Yeah I’m wondering that as well. @JoeKGBX can you like fast track Lowlines for the next recognition? I’m just wondering cuz he’s done a ridiculous amount of great work. (Also perhaps send him an õ in your special font as his El Drag õ n seems to be struggling


I’m currently using a free web font that I have to transform to look like the in-game font and it sadly lacks the ascent characters. I’ve been meaning to do up a proper Battleborn Webfont, I just haven’t got round to it yet :confused:

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Btw @JoeKGBX, due to the way I am generating the PNG Gear Cards, it required that there were no stray HTML tags in the item descriptions. This has allowed me to track down several gear skill descriptions with tag errors that should be added to a to do list for a future patch (if they haven’t already been fixed).

  • Skill_Gear_Func_ReducedDamageFromFront : $FUNCTION$
  • extra [-stat] tag in the Suffix
  • Skill_Gear_Cond_AttackDamage_ShieldDmg : $TIMER$
  • Skill_Gear_Cond_AttackSpeed_ShieldDmg : $TIMER$
  • Skill_Gear_Cond_CritDamage_ShieldDmg : $TIMER$
  • Skill_Gear_Cond_SkillDamage_ShieldDmg : $TIMER$
  • Skill_Gear_Cond_MoveSpeed_MeleeHit : $TIMER$
  • all of these have an opening [time] instead of a closing [-time] tag in the Description

Somebody has been chewing up their holonet bandwidth reading up on my Gear Search app!

You can also get a list of Boss Drops with !gear boss drops :sunglasses:


You can also get a list of mission specific boss drops by name, ie !gear algorithm drops