Introducing: The Gear Search App

So you may or may not have seen me floating around on the forums posting the occasional thing about Legendary Boss Drops, or Taunts and Skins or even more in-depth walls of text about how gear works and such. Well today I finally feel comfortable in sharing with everyone something I have been working on for nearly a month now. For now, lets call it the Gear Search.

What is it? It is a small frontend web app built with Angular that allows you to look up gear that can be found within the game and see the best possible stats they can roll, AND it is 100% searchable!

You can also share a link to your filtered results, which you could use to answer someone’s question on the forums or if you think there’s a piece of gear with bugged stats (note bugged items such as the pretender Legendary Corpse Reviver won’t show up since they are like the Battleborn equivalent of a MissingNo.).

So check it out, and let me know what you think :wink:

Pro tip: You also don’t have to click the search field to start typing the name of a piece of gear.

I have some ideas for feature updates but I’m open to suggestions if people have any.

The rest of this post past the line break is more technical stuff so feel free to stop reading now.

Turns out there were a lot more stat calculation errors than I previously thought. I’ve gone through and adjusted all the ones I had in-game gear screenshots of and I think everything except unique Legendary quirks (which I can’t check unless i have a screenshot of the gear card) should be displaying the correct values now. These errors could be an issue with how I was pulling data from the PC version of the game, or old files that have been patched in a way where I can’t see the changes…

Flawed Skills that were displaying the wrong +/- sign because they were missing a -1 scale multiplier (this could be getting applied elsewhere):

  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Buildable Cost
  • CC Duration
  • Cooldown Time
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Damage Reduction
  • Heal Power
  • Healing Received
  • Max Health - this one was using using the MajorStat value (max +280) whereas in-game is using MinorStat value (max +210)
  • Maximum Shield Strength
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Skill Damage

Flawed Skills that weren’t referencing the correct flawed formula:

  • Recoil Reduction
  • Movement Speed
  • Sprint Speed

Stat formulas that required adjusting to produce the same min/max values as in-game:

  • Major/Minor Damage Reduction (-1 scale multiplier)
  • Reload Speed (-2.33 scale multiplier, values were well below the in-game range)
  • Bonus Shards (1.5 for MajorStat and 1.0 for MinorStat, this was the accidental nerf that happened a couple of weeks ago, base stats were pointing to a global Shard Economy stat and when it was changed to the proper stat that hadn’t been adjusted it resulted in a huge short-lived nerf!!)
  • Minor SprintSpeed (1/1.75 scale multiplier, the MinorStat Sprint Speed was returning the same value as the MajorStat)

I believe I also spotted 2 Rare tier gear items with a heavily nerfed Conditional MinorStat.

Strategist’s HoldFast Recharger and it’s flawed variant appears to only give up to +0.06 Shield Recharge per Second bonus for 15 seconds after destroying a buildable whereas all other Rare tier gear with Shield Recharge as the MinorStat promote a +28.00 Recharge per Second. Here’s a screenshot I had of one of these I took a while back so maybe it was fixed (not that anyone would want this piece of gear anyway).


Update: Added preliminary sources information to gear cards, including a simple representation of rarity (ie Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Extremely Rare) for each source.

Extremely Rare means the drop chance is so low it’s highly unlikely you’d ever see it drop from that source. All other rarity tiers pair up with Common - Epic terminology respectively.

The rarity value represents the item pool rarity not the item’s individual rarity, ie how likely an item from that item pool will drop from a given source. For sources with multiple item pools, I will display the item pool with the highest chance for that item. This is by no means a true representation of item rarity and is only meant to serve as a general guide when deciding where you should be focusing to get a particular item.

This information was gathered dynamically (ie with a search program) so I have no doubt there could be errors or discrepancies. On the card listing, I will show the top 3 best sources an item can be obtained from and you can also click on them to see the full list of sources with more detailed information including the rarity. It is worth nothing that in a lot of cases there can be more sources with the same rarity so be sure to check the full list rather than assuming the ones on the card are the only good sources.

The one thing I haven’t included are Gear Drops that you get from enemies or hidden loot chests. I believe these have the same loot pools as the rarity loot packs.


Good post. The gear search is super useful! Thanks

The information you provide on gear is extremely useful.
I thoroughly believe that this thread and your gear information thread should be stickied somewhere in these forums.
Thanks for another great post and an extremely valuable tool.


I think the strategist issue was resolved (I had been one of the people that reported it). Mine looks good, now.

Oh good! Will have to figure out what they did to fix it so it displays correct stats in the listing.

I love your dedication. Really.
Thank you :slight_smile:

edit : the only thing I think that could be super useful is where to find the item - obviously only for boss specific legendaries :slight_smile:

It’s on the to do list, I’m just trying to gather all the correct kill screen enemy icons first (and maybe some more tidbits on bosses if I can find them), as there were a few errors in the infographic I put up earlier this week.


You’re doing some great work! Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Also, is this intended? (Text in drop down menu only visible when hovered over)

You sir are a badass.

The only thing for me is that the font of the filter selections (i.e. Attack Damage or Attack Speed on the ‘Any Type’ filter) appear to be white.
So the drop-down appears blank until you move your mouse to hover over a selection. (At that point the row selection highlight is light blue, so the white font of the item selection shows up)
But if you just select the filter I’m greeted with what appears to be a blank list.

I’m using firefox by the way…so don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

Anyway, this thing is incredible.

ninja’d by @reliikki :slight_smile: just above me who also provided a nice screenshot.
That is exactly what I’m seeing.


Nice. Hopefully a mod pins this once you fix the tiny front page error. It’s encouraging to see successfull projects in what some call a dying game.

All these posts really need to be pinned.

Too bad there isn’t a “pin request” button. Maybe the Flag the Post option ? It sounds bad, but it isn’t entirely bad. It’s meant to bring attention to the moderators after all.

Ô all powerful entities, please make this happen. You know you have to. You know it. Dooo eeeeet !

My thoughts exactly.

I was actually going to suggest a built-in system like this in-game to search within your own Gear Bank, but this works just as well. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this community!

Ahh yes… As a web developer I know exactly what that is (FYI it’s called Chrome bias). The dropdown list in Firefox has decided to use a white font colour instead of the browser default colour.

Hopefully no one tries using it with an old version of Internet Explorer >_<


Should be fixed now for Firefox users.


If you guys spot anymore browser quirks let me know (with screenshot and name of browser), though I do recommend using either Firefox, Chrome or Safari over anything else.

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Thank you for making this!

this is awesome. I’ve already used your stuff to get an interment angel for my shield build. btw are the executive insurance policy and the hemsworth sparklesheild only available in the boxes?

As far as I know, yes. The files I looked at to get this information did not include those 2 gear and I think all instances of people having them have been from Legendary Loot Packs or Epic Loot Packs. There could be a future boss that will drop them but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

You sir, are a god.
No seriously I mean it. Fellow BB Players, please let us praise this user!

Ok then. rip shield build. Thanks for the info comrade

hey that gear app the henchmans capacitor. its 20% on its legendary ability when maxed
u have it at 4