Introducing: The Gear Search App

(lowlines - PS4) #120

New UI is live for Gear Search. As always, make sure to refresh your cache if it doesn’t look like this screenshot. :sunglasses:

Sources have been updated as well, but take the “rarities” with a grain of salt as this data has gotten more complex over time so their accuracy is probably unreliable. Personally I liked the old 2D Lootpack icons better, but hey, gotta look like what you see in-game :stuck_out_tongue:

Still need to do some mobile optimization, but it should look pretty slick on desktops and tablet devices. :sunglasses:

(lowlines - PS4) #121

Mobile optimization!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #122

Is the Gear Generator up and running yet (with the new UI)? (>O.O)>

(lowlines - PS4) #123

Of course. Plus all existing share links will now render the updated gear cards. :sunglasses:

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@lowlines is there going to be a mobile app for the awesome work that you have done?

(lowlines - PS4) #125

Hmm, well the benefit of building it on the web is that it can be made responsive to display on various screen sizes. Simply scaling down stuff doesn’t always work though and even that small bit of mobile optimization I did above took a couple of hours to get it to that point.

Doing a native app is a lot of work and adds to the complexity of building and releasing to the different platforms and that is counter to the way I like to be able to make quick changes as issues arise. Doing this UI refresh took me a full day to do and push to my website, but to do the same for a native app would probably be a minimum of a week to allow for certification etc.

TLDR; Native app no, but will definitely make more of an effort to make the website perform better while on smaller screens. Not everyone can bring up my website on a desktop PC (the current best platform for viewing).


Thank you for the quick response. I really need to get me a computer. lol

(beta382) #127

Have you considered introducing a third choice under the “All Items” category, called “Don’t want” or similar? Currently I use the site to keep track of the items that I want and don’t have (in max-roll, that is), but this means that items labeled “Obtained” include both items I have and items I don’t want. It would be neat to actually see the items I actually have as a separate section from the items I don’t want.

(Pbfdanglez420) #128

This might be a stupid question but when I search for gear it shows me the image of the pieces of gear but not the stats or what tbe secondary stat is and when I click to view a piece of gear for example an epic skill damage gear it shows me the stats for the common skill damage gear so I have no way of seeing what each gear actually gives as a secondary, is there a simple way I could fix this? (Or switch back to the old version maybe aha) I’ve become dependant on this website hah I’m using my phone so idk if that’s the problem but ya any help would be greatly appreciated

(lowlines - PS4) #129

Could be a caching issue. Make sure to hit the Refresh button and/or remove the browser from your list of open apps etc.

Another thing is it could be incorrectly polling the static images. Can you give examples of gears you have searched and returned a different result?

(Scott Velasquez) #130

Great job as always @lowlines!

(Kenziesilk) #131

I love this gear searcher. I’ve been making a spreadsheet with it, and it’s awesome!

There does appear to be an error with the max on the “stopwatch” type gear (well, I have so far only checked the legendaries).

The max cooldown time should be 10.50% on all of them, if I’m correct.

I have a maxed Aria’s Encore that has that, and my Firmware update 1.51c is at 9.63 cooldown time (above your max), but only 5.14% sprint speed (below your max).

Thanks again for the work you put into it!

(lowlines - PS4) #132

Yeah there was a hotfix that buffed the cooldown time across the board, I just haven’t go round to changing it yet.


Just pushed an update that should bring Cooldown Time up to the current max values.

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Hey @lowlines I was wanted to let you know that I don’t think I can reach any other part of your battleborn site on my iPad. When I go to the default battleborn, it takes me to gear search but won’t let me reach the character builder or lore or story walk throughs.

I might be missing a button or something though

(lowlines - PS4) #134

Sub nav is now inside the top nav (via the hamburger icon in the upper right hand corner) to make it more mobile friendly however there were a few key styles that when cached would make it not appear at all after this change. You need to make sure your cache is up to date to be able to see it again.

(lowlines - PS4) #135

It’s patch day! And with that, come updates to Gear Search!

TLDR; Very minor changes overall other than the fact that every single legendary now has a formula for calculating its cost like other Rarity Tiers!

Gear Changes

  • PF_Gear_ReloadSpeed_Legendary_LLC // Hidden Charger
  • Skill_Gear_Minor_ShieldDelay -> Skill_Gear_Minor_MaxShield

New Legendaries

  • PF_Gear_ShardGain_Legendary_LLC_FOUNDER // Shard of Solus

Skill Changes

  • Skill_Gear_ELD_Proximity_HealthGain
  • Skill_Gear_UPR_DemonBear_HealthRegen
  • Skill_Gear_ELD_DemonBear_MoveSpeed
  • Skill_Gear_ROG_DemonBear_CooldownRedux
  • Skill_Gear_Boss_DamageOvershield
  • Skill_Gear_Boss_OpsMaxHealth
  • Skill_Gear_Boss_OpsDamageReduction
  • Skill_Gear_JNT_DemonBear_AttackDmg
  • Skill_Gear_LLC_DemonBear_MaxShield
  • Skill_Gear_Ops_BuildStrength
  • Skill_Gear_Ops_SkillDamage
  • Skill_Gear_Func_RNGCooldownReduction
  • Skill_Gear_Func_PlusTargetDamageTaken

Attribute Changes

  • GD_Gear.Attributes.Function.Att_Gear_Func_ReloadShieldDelay_Offset -3 > -0.5
  • GD_Gear.Attributes.DLC.Init_Gear_ELD_HealSymbiosis

Added Attributes

  • GD_Gear.Attributes.Costs.Att_Gear_LegendaryBonus_CostMultiplier -> 2.5
  • GD_Gear.Attributes.Costs.Init_Gear_Legendary_Cost

Removed Attributes

  • GD_Gear.Attributes.Costs.Att_Gear_Legendary_Cost


Forgot to turn off hard coding the iLvL for Character Gear so all stats were still displaying the old values.

Also if anyone spots and max level Legendary gear that doesn’t have a 1470 Activation Cost, let me know because I suspect these are being hotfixed in!

(lowlines - PS4) #136

Some minor things that aren’t present in the static gear data, meaning they are most likely being applied at runtime. Thanks @Kitru for checking their entire Legendary collection to get this list for me!

  • Gear with +500 Activation Cost (1970)
  • Bola’s Target Finder
  • Borrowed Timer
  • Voxis Core
  • Gear with +250 Activation Cost (1720)
  • Symbiotic Gauntlet
  • “Alamo-7” Armor
  • Lorrian Skill Spike
  • Phlogiston Propulsor
  • Boots of the Brute
  • Firmware Update 1.51C
  • Capped at 0.5 iLvL
  • Shard of Solus

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #137

@lowlines I got a question your magical ways might be able to help with,

Since the latest update the farmable commander packs from each op are changed

For example LLC commander of the thrall commander pack is the name of one I got.

Now my big question is can we still get the base game legendaries/gear through those packs?

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #138

(lowlines - PS4) #139

Nope. Operations Commander Packs will only drop Operations Legendaries favouring the Legendary that drops in that Operation over others. I believe standard Commander Packs are now only obtainable via Character/Command Rank and Loot Boosters (which will give you a ton if you run in a party).