Introducing the Unofficial "Lore Bible"

So for the past couple of months, I have been piecing together bits of information from in-game unlockable lore, to ancient news articles that have since disappeared from the Internet (unless you use the Wayback Machine) in an effort to construct both a timeline and a complete source of everything related to the secret true end game of Battleborn, which is discovering all the awesome lore behind the universe and the characters in it. :smiley:

Sadly that is a huge undertaking, and I have also been a little “distracted” with Destiny: Rise of Iron as of late (so much fun!!) :sunglasses: So with that in mind, I have progressed it to a point where it is somewhat usable, though very much a work in progress!!

Here’s what it looks like…

Key goals with the first iteration was to have to ability to navigate between articles and references through the use of a tagging system. In the second screenshot you can see on the left is a list of articles that the current article references to, and you can click through to read more and get a general idea of how things are linked together. It also includes cached versions of all the old articles that were very lore heavy and are sadly no longer officially available on the website :’(

To do:

  • Go through and tag the rest of the News Articles (see References)
  • Add in-game lore artworks
  • Write summary paragraphs for articles, some will have a single line summary, others will have nothing, given the feedback that’s been going on with the Battleplan Lore, I’m thinking this could be done in a more interesting way rather than bland Wikipedia-like entries?
  • Construct a visual timeline for all the main events that have occurred in the Battleborn Universe, I have a WIP timeline (which I’ll post at the end) which I just need to build up a separate layout for it
  • Source listing and cover images for as many articles as possible (it currently will pull through the section cover image by default)
  • Fix tagging errors (I’m sure there are quite a few)
  • …Maybe add search functionality
  • Embed Youtube videos directly onto the page
  • At some point I also want to try and create star maps, but that is way way WAY in the future :sunglasses:

These are my notes for the timeline…Keep in mind these are super rough and may have errors. There are currently 3 different calendar systems; Codex Reckoning (CR), Immortal Reign (IR, +5 years to CR), and Valkyrie Chronicle Days (VC), which is used by several Rogue related lore. I plan to dynamically convert these as I don’t currently have an exact starting date for Reyna’s logbook entries since I am not 100% certain of the exact number of days in a year (or if there are leap years).

If anyone wants to contribute to this in any way (creating article summaries, sourcing images, fixing errors), please feel free to jump in. I will keep plodding along with this in my free time, but there is a lot of stuff to sift through.

In the interest of not having too much scrolling, I have pulled out my Timeline notes and put them in a Dropbox text file which you can view separately.


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!11 Thank you!!!

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Very impressive)

I am now going to lose a day of work to reading this, thanks

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@lowlines is “busy with Rise of Iron,” yet just casually drops this. Like a celebrity chef who pauses from preparing an elaborate main dish to nonchalantly whip-up a caramelized edible Faberge egg with a miniature six-course banquet hidden inside.

And yet he still can’t go positive with El Dragon! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ganjamira, have you seen this thread … :dukeohnoes:

In truth I had it almost ready just before Rise of Iron dropped back at the end of September, then there was like a week of just total blackness and I am only just now starting to crawl back out of my loot cave, being above max level on all 3 characters and multiple raid completions under my belt. :sunglasses:

Took me all afternoon to fix some of the navigation bugs and tidy up the layout a bit. There’s still heaps to do on it, but it’s at least at a point where I’m okay with other people poking around and telling me all the things that are wrong with it. I’m also hoping I’ll get talented (perhaps award winning) writers to start writing up some of the articles now that I’ve done a good chunk of the research side of things :wink:


Also El Dragon is “retired” remember? :wink:


Bless you

If you promise to take time away from Destiny to help such an individual get all her DLC Mellka and Ambra content next week… :smirk:

Working on getting them all online, lowlines maybe you can embed them.


A collaboration between MentalMars and lowlines? Booya! :heart_eyes:

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just curious if you are going to put Battleplan lore in the final version. other than that great work. i’ll be happy to help out in any way that my particular skill set allows, although that mostly pertains written work and not so much anything to do with graphics or coding or computer stuff in general.

Why do you think I disappeared for a week? I blasted through Rise of Iron knowing full well there was Battleborn DLC coming on October 13 :wink:

Oh nice! There was some discussion on the Discord about extracting the raw audio files too, but I just haven’t gotten round to investigating it yet, and that wouldn’t include DLC characters anyway. I would also like to set up audio for the Story Dialogue, which I have yet to go through and tag lore breadcrumbs as well.

Most definitely! The content in this version is up to date to sometime before the 20th September, so there’s been a few more Battleplans since then that haven’t been added yet :wink:


  • Youtube videos and external links are now embedded into the page
  • Cleaned up the left column layout, added “Date Posted” for news articles and youtube links
  • Now with more MentalMarmots (@MentalMars) :sunglasses:


  • Made links/references openable in a new tab.

@lowlines and @MentalMars collaboration! Yay! :grin:


you are doing the lord’s work son.

Okay. I admit it.

I am VERY impressed.



  • Navigation should respect the back/forward history buttons now, also the page title changes to match the page.
  • Added Kid Ultra’s lore plus some of the recent news/battleplan articles I was missing (still haven’t tagged them all yet though).
  • Listings should now sort alphabetically (I know it should have been like that from the start).
  • Listings will now display how many entries are contained within. It gives you a better idea of just how much stuff is in there.
  • Looking at doing an accordion type layout for pages like the heroes page so you aren’t scrolling heaps to find stuff, though once I add search, that will hopefully alleviate some of the problems
  • Timeline page is in the works, nothing to show on that yet.

There’s more to come, but these changes should make the Lore Bible easier and less frustrating to use.


Also, I cannot believe its already been like a month since I last worked on this :open_mouth:


I haven’t done this in a long, long time, not since the old forum, but:

Lowlines, I hereby award you a Mystical Monocle of Honorable Research and Lorekeeping.

(It’s really shiny and has fancy ribbons and everything, and comes in a red leatherette presentation box that may or may not be sumptuously hand-tooled.)


Oooh can I make a @Psychichazard Community Gear Card out of it? I assume it’s Major stat is Skill Damage (its the little pendant/badge one). You should totally PM me with your favourite character and other preferences (see guidelines). :wink: