Invalid texture sizes

I guys,

We had a few ships with long narrow textures come up for HW2C, if the length was less than half the width of the texture (i.e. 64 x 256) then it wouldn’t render in the engine. I’m finding now that HWRM needs all textures to be perfect squares though

Is this a bug or a feature? I’ll add it into the texture guidelines we’re cooking up

Not true Nate. There’s something else going on. Let me check into that. I’ll get back to ya.
The vanilla Kushan Heavy Corvette engine texture is 1024X128. I think you found a bug when using old HWll HOD files in the new HWRM game.

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Interesting… that means we can revert the stretched textures on the D’talla, Midway and more to their original ones and get that bit of extra clarity back :smile:

I believe the Vaygr carrier is 4096x1024 for the body so you shouldn’t have any problems.

I’m not real sure why this happened. It’s very strange. Are you sure this wasn’t like this before and maybe was overlooked?

Herby, run the mod on RM with a ROM TMP full fleet, or FED TMP full fleet, the black textures stand out. Very visibly.

Compare that to the same setup in HW2C, you’ll see we couldn’t possibly have missed them… unless it’s broken in HW2C too… I can’t remember if I’ve actually played a TMP game on the “new” version of the “old” HW2…

Put that ship HOD up on Dropbox (pm me if you need) or walk me through exactly what mod and the fastest way to see this ship and I’ll tell you what has gone wrong.

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I have found that every single non-square texture fails to render and is completely black, as well. These are all legacy models from HW2 classic though, so the way HODOR compiles the HODS is probably in a more HW2RM compatible format.

HW2RM’s HOD format is different than HW2C (even with guys hacking at CfHODEd trying to pull data) - very old HODs in particular may not load in the engine correctly. It really shouldn’t relate to Square textures though - it is not a rule we enforce in the engine.

Almost without fail the main thing you (and everyone else) needs to do is dump your HODs to Obj/DDS/TGA and build them in Blender (the Blender->HW2RM process is going to be very, very solid I think, thanks to members of this forum!). That way, as the HOD format is changed, you’re a button-press away from working in the engine - not weeks of waiting for others to hack new tools.

Many Mod groups have asked for improved collision (as one easy example) - and when/if that system is put into place, it’ll be brand new data that HODOR puts into a new HOD format - old HODs will likely fail to load or collide at that point. Ditto for fixes to animated markers & joints, beam-driven scars, etc.

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I figured as much…I was actually a little surprised that legacy models were able to be directly imported as easily as they were. It’s definitely a way better way to pipeline the model by setting up the .dae correctly instead of having to fix issues with a tool every time the engine is updated.

As long as it’s the old HOD and not a new bug :smile:

We still haven’t succeeded in getting a single new HOD done (I have blender tutorials to do…)

I am a little worried about the pending updates which might break the old HOD formats, we’ll go from having 300 HODs which “work” but need replacing to a completely non-functional mod in one swift update