Invalid Texture


After renaming the ship on a mod with Notepad++ … The game crashes with the following error on log:

 invalid texture format -- FATAL EXIT -- image/2037:! --stack trace 

I only encountered this error, and this line doesn’t help me to resolve it … There’s no point with this error, since I didn’t even change the model nor its textures. :confused:

It could be any other texture, like a ship icon or a UI background or effect. Any of those added/changed recently?

I go to replace HOD via save.

I say if it’s work’s …

Now no Error but game crash immediatly, and the dump log have this :

HomeworldRM.exe caused a Microsoft C++ Exception in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0023:774c3e28.

Thaaaaaaat looks significantly worse.

Replace HOD via save…are you using HODOR or CFHOD?

If CFHOD, that’s your problem.

Can confirm @pascal76680

DO NOT use cfhod for ANYTHING in HWRM

Only for HW2C.

I use my backup, in other folder … and don’t use CFHOD, it’s not my job …

But i replace all Madstate to the original file and it’s working . The problem is, this madstate, only for the ship something like destroyer / bc / ms / ressourcecontroller etc … have Vgr_Tau / Vgr_Goa / Vgr_Wra and not Tau / Goa / Wra … So i think is this modification, via notepad, crash game … Any way to change this without crash ? (Now it’s working but this Madstate have error in log … x) )

Working now … But it’s little crazy … Edit via found and replace function of Notepad result in a crash in game … and when i edit myself, no crash and working without bug …