Inventory entering freezes

Second time I’ve had the game freeze on me when attempting to open the inventory menu. Will add more if I encounter more.

First time was immediately after the loading screen from warping to a new area. Attempted to open the menu, the game froze, and i had to force shut off the ps4 (which upon reboot asked for reinstallation of the latest update via usb, which i did, it said it couldnt find, rebooted and was fine).

Second time was well into an area after going into my menu a few times trying to figure out what to drop to pick something else up. When I hit the button to go back into the menu again after swapping out an item from a chest, freeze happened. The ps4 seemed fine after this one, and let me submit a report.

It’s laggy all the time, but i’ve never had a crash (PS4 Slim). Maybe it’s just bad luck?