Inventory prompt bug

Hi all. Wasnt able to start another new thread to report a bug, so Im reporting a bug here in hopes it gets read by the right person. This bug is for ps4, perhaps other platforms. I play mainly meltdown atm, but it may happen on other modes. When I purchase items Ive equipped to Kelvin with shards during a match it leaves the prompt to purchase on screen. Im not sure if Ive actually bought the item and it activated or not. So far this has only happened with kelvin.

Got your post moved into it’s own thread in an appropriate section.

i have this issue as well also kelvin i think ive had it happen once or twice with other chars too but for me ive tested it i hit the button to buy the item and it leaves the purchasing screen but doesnt buy the item even still tells me i have the shards and an item ready to buy and all…no pattern one match this happens next i can buy the same item no issue