Inventory sdu question

Can you only get the sdu’s from rescuing clap traps on first playthrough, or can you get them in 2nd playthrough (in case there was one that was missed)?

There are some you can get from PT2, but it’s not a 100% chance, I presume the borderlands wiki article on Backpack SDUs has all the info you’d want.

In general the info should be correct but every once in awhile a few jokers (usually anons) change stuff up to make it incorrect. Usually though it’s just misinformation like “you have a 100% chance of obtaining an SDU from these Claptraps’” and not outright trolling (Roland is a retired zero-g wrestler who killed… etc.)
IIRC the chances for an SDU and not a com/grenade/other reward has to do with on either the size of your backpack or how many SDUs you’ve used thus far. Source is a thread on the old forums but I don’t remember where it is, I think it might’ve been a year or two old.

Theres a lot of misconception and unproved theories about pt2 SDUs heres the facts:

  • Only the Sledges Safe House, Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetnus Warrens and Crazy Earls Scrapyard can give SDUs
  • Its not a 100% chance (so if you dont get it, quit dashboard/alt-f4/quit to XMB and reload game)
  • The chance becomes 0% when pt2.5 is started AKA when you enter The Vault on pt2 (its not really an issue, since you visit them all on your way, but dont “save it for later”)
  • The Clap Traps in Zombie Island and Robolution have a 100% chance in pt2, but a 0% chance in pt2.5 (so if you want these 6 slots, do up to thatr point in the DLC before entering the Vault)
  • Knoxx can only be gotten once per character (so if you got it pt1, its not in pt2), also not 100% chance, this one is very tedious to farm because of the drive.

There are rumours and stuff about how to increase the chances, but I dont think anythings ever been proven. I’ve gotten them all except Knoxx, which gives 69 backpack space (rather fitting since its also max level).

Im also not sure if the Knoxx claptrap becomes 0% once you activate Knoxxs own “2.5”, I wouldnt risk it.

interesting. I didn’t know about the 2.5 thing making the chance 0%! That explains why my latest character didn’t get any after Playthrough 1 :cry: I was hoping to get the Robolution and Jakobs Cove ones at least and was surprised when they didn’t produce. Now I know why!

I think that’s because it’s incorrect.

I just got my 43th-45th inventory slots from a claptrap in PT2.5
I had rushed through PT2 and realized I still hadn’t rescued the Claptrap in the shock crystal cave so I went back and it gave me a SDU.
I was very lucky as the chance should be almost 0% if you have 42 slots I think. But it shows that the chance is not 100%.

It could have been a glitch of course. This game is so buggy on pc you can’t really determine when something’s a feature and when it’s a glitch. Even the basic combat mechanics are quite inconsistent.

I don’t know what to think, I tried getting the SDU from DLC1 after reaching PT2.5 and it didn’t even give me a grenade mod :frowning:

What’d it give you?

Absolutely nothing, I have tried to turn it in twice but I get nothing.

Sounds like a glitch, you should get something from them whether or not it’s a grenade mod or SDU or something else.

That is very likely. Maybe I have too many items in my inventory? (70, because I have gotten many rewards during my playthrough). It’s funny because on PT2 I was able to farm the 5 SDUs from the main campaign.

IIRC you can have x+y/x where x is the backpack space and y is the “extra” items you get, you’ll just be unable to unequip items or pick them up.