Inventory slider always down the page

After a time of not playing I find that now when I open my inventory the slider is always down the page and not at the top so I have to scroll up to see the weapons/equipment I have accumulated. The slider is not always at the bottom, it can be half way down or more, anywhere below really. This is more annoying than it may sound and I didn’t have this problem when I played some months back. Is this a bug or is there some setting I missed to change this ?

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It’s kind of a hot mess (since a couple of fixes ago?) Sometimes it’s parked at the top, sometimes not. See also:

  • If I am selecting trinkets and I scroll too fast, that panel switches to gear (which can’t be selected for a trinket spot, and I have to exit and start over).
  • If I’ve scrolled some intermediate distance down the gear panel with the mouse wheel, the gear won’t notice the mouse hover, preventing me from selecting it (though tapping the arrow keys works, but that requires letting go of the mouse, so I ususally press Escape and try again).
  • If your mouse is over any of the gear sections of the inventory HUD, and it is moving at all when trying to back out of that menu, Escape will drop the pop up, but the mouse movement will bring it right back, so you have to work around this now (where previously, Escape in that dialog would automatically back you out of the entire dialog.
  • Maps are finicky about letting you Fast Travel to your vehicle. Exiting and re-entering the map works (usually), and sometimes you just have to click on a different piece of the icon for it to work. There are also reports that the Catch a Ride forgets your most recent vehicle configuration between games.

Honestly I have experienced some of these as well as more such as gear marked for trash will not show if I compare an item, NPC’s sometimes getting stuck forcing me to reload etc. BL3 does indeed seem very buggy now.