Inventory space increase request past 300

Can we please have another 300 inventory space some time around the next dlc please gearbox


Dont worry, they’re already planned


Yeah I thought it was initially going to be around 50 each time but gb gave us 300 didn’t that throw off thier plans or is it still getting upgraded?

It was 6x the original amount, as this said “significant increase” im pretty sure that covers all 300; no idea on the size of future increases but i would guess around 100 for each - but i have no issues with larger amounts only that “several” aludes to 4 or more

The shared bank is far bigger than it needs to be. 50 slots would have been fine.

The issue (at least for me) is there is no Personal Storage. Tripping over 300 items shared between however many characters is a real pain.


100% agree that if we are going to get more space then some of it should be personal space.
Either that or we are going to need some kind of search options for the shared space.
Maybe tabs to quickly select gun type/shields etc…


Actually, the 300 is pretty big. I remember when they told to be patient, a bit more than the double of the actual bank size will be available with the Maliwan Takedown patch (if I remember correctly). And then they put out the patch, and the bank space got raised to 300 and I was like, yooo… this isn’t double, it’s 6 times more than the original :rofl: but anyway, I understand you. Some people trying different builds, with different class mods, relics, etc, and for those, you need even a bigger bank space. I try to keep one copy of every Legendary, of course with the best anointment possible, but somehow, 300 would still be a bit short(ish?) without mules, since there’s a gun, let me say, Maggie, with this or that anointment, and you just can not leave it laying on the ground, you just need to pick it up.

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I’d happily lose 100 bank slots for, say, a 50 slot personal bank for each character. It’d be nice to keep all the character specific anointments on that character, but not in their inventory.

And if that’s not possible or is difficult to program, maybe divide the bank into five slots/tabs that you can label? (One for general, and one for each VH).


I agree on the comments that there should be a separate personal space. Some items are useful on any character, but so many anointments are class-specific. It’s tiring trying to find the one you need when it is dumped in with so many other items that are irrelevant to your current character.

While increased bank size would be nice, I would also love to have filter and search features. As it is right now I have to scroll like a madman to find the item(s) I’m looking for in the bank.

Let’s say I want to look at all Vladof items in the bank. OK, so I sort by manufacturer and then scroll alllllll the way to the bottom. It would be nice if I could just click a checkbox at the top to show only Vladof. The filters could follow the sorting, e.g. checkboxes for manufacturer when sorting by manufacturer, type when sorting by type, etc.

Another example: Let’s say I pick up a Stop-Gap shield, and I want to compare it to the ones I already have. I sort by type, scroll down to shields, and I discover that it’s hard to find them among the mess. Depending on the level and anointments, the Stop-Gaps I have may be nowhere near each other. If there was a search feature I could type “Stop-Gap” in a text box, and it’ll show only those items that match. I realize that this would be difficult for players who use a controller, but as a KB&M player I would welcome such a feature.

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Tbh I only ask for increased shared bank as it seems like that is what gearbox is set on so 300 more next dlc would be fine would be nice to instead keep current 300 shared and get a 300 personal but I only care about more storage in the end and if this gets gearboxes attention something is better than nothing current raid farming is taking up over 50 slots and rising I only play single player and can’t afford to lose a raid gun no matter the rolls as once this event is over I won’t be able to get any more

Given the presence of VH-specific anointments, it would make sense to have ‘personal’ bank and a smaller ‘stash’, just like in previous games. I bet it would help with performance issues as well.

There are options for bank space/storage. I have 2 local accounts that I run split screen with. 1 account is for my Moze, the 2nd account is for Flak. Both accounts have a bank on Sanctuary with 300 slots each. So between my main account, and 2 local accounts, I have 900 bank slots. As I accumulate more and more gear, and play the other 2 characters, I plan to add more local accounts and/or start organizing by weapon type, shields, grenades, artifacts, etc… otherwise, having 300+ inventory items in 1 shared bank can be overwhelming in itself.

We definitely need some bank space for each VH, it is a major pain to sort through that many items for specific versions. Even having a personal filing system in the existing bank would be enough for me, like the ability to make folders or different tabs for different VH’s or even item types to reduce clutter. I actually think bl2 had a better system (for my style at least) regarding storage, all that was needed was to expand the capacity for the bank and claptraps stash

Yeah, I’m using around 40 of my 120 spaces. Things are getting tight.