Inventory Timeouts due to hotfix update- solved

Hi Guys,

This has happened multiple times now and always at the end of a mission. Any help or fixes is appreciated.

The last time this happened it was due to an update.

same problem please fix!, cant even log in

I am in the same boat. However, I can’t even start the game because of the inventory thing.

I have just replied to another post, I literally just got this error code on my ps4 and now can’t log in just got this game as well…

I can’t even log into the game because of an inventory timeout.

Come on Gearbox. This is pretty unacceptable this long after launch.

If you are going to require an online connection you better make sure your infrastructure is right.

This will KILL this game if you don’t get it corrected for good soon.

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The implications of a game based on servers is bound to happen if there is a problem with a new update, its a shame you can’t play offline

my game is up to date and still cant play

It’s their inventory server having issues again.

GEARBOX PLEASE!!! HELP US!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Not sure how to get the word out, but hopefully people are telling them so they can fix it soon.

And I’m in!

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If Gearbox is indeed patching then they need to introduce a frontend when you login that notifies servers are down for patching. It is absurd that players are in the dark.

Hey guys I think it’s fixed, I managed to log in on my ps4, so try and log in again I hope it’s all fixed for you all!

Great job gearbox very fast!

It was the hotfix going live that did it, enjoy having defending missions being easier everyone :slight_smile:

I would HIGHLY suggest that Gearbox implement a system that notifies players in the game that servers are down for patching or fixes when trying to login.

It just gives the game a very bad look otherwise.

@JoeKGBX I don’t know if you guys can add a message to the timeouts when updates are going out but I agree it would be helpful, could you pass this on to the team?

Thanks for the response. I’ll adjust the title.