Invincible Bosses?

Does anybody think since we can revisit old places from past borderlands games. Invincible bosses have a chance to return with the clappy campaign dlc ?

I am thinking there might be a chance we see atleast some old bosses, if no Invincible’s.

According to trailer, we’ll see Destroyers corpse but yes, would be cool to see Bonehead again :smiley:

I think maybe just visit old places in memory maybe not interac such as fighting old bosses

Its possible

Anythings is possible,I just wouldn’t build too much hype into the DLC or dissapointment will be the only sure thing,better to have a wait and see approach

I am just hyped that i get more borderlands to play, new guns to shoot, and more of the unknown with borderlands… :grinning:
This is all i wanted the whole time… more anything !!

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Well put Eagle but get ready for the complaining either way

I would really like to see co-op Invincible bosses to return some way… Enjoy beating any co-op boss solo.
But still doesn’t take away that it’s more playing time and farming for me.
Wonder when the patch is coming out for the repawning bosses?
Randy did give sometime ago, “that they were looking at different things with the repawning of bosses.” Usual quote, but could it be past bosses or Invincible’s return. Since some of the TPS bosses are inaccessible, or a 1 time only spawn boss.
Anything can happen in a ClapTrap’s mind… “Come on everybody let’s Dance” :hand:

Sledge the invincible. “The legend lives.”

It’s claptrap’s memories right? We could see old bosses amped up by Claptraps cowardice into Nine Toes the Supremely Ultra Mega Hyper Super Duper Invincible.