Invincible bosses

so I cannot solo any bosses with invincible in there name with my op8 axton i just get recked no matter what build or weapons I use. anyone got any suggestions as to what I should do. its kinda hard to do solo loot farming if most of the good stuff to farm on u cant even kill

Trying to remember - do you play as Axton or Salvador?

If Axton, it looks like a lot of resources never got moved over, but scrolling through the old forums shows several likely looking threads for OP 8. There’s a list of builds here

If Sal, some suitable builds listed here

umm its says in my post I play as axton…and I have looked up builds and tried a few different ones, but no luck soloing any boss with invincible in its name no matter what build I tried or what weapons and stuff I used , also i need to upgrade my legendary soldier classs mod to a op8 one, and wouldn’t mind getting some of the legendary commando class mods i don’t own yet

So far the only Invincible I’ve tried with Axton is Pyro Pete and have beaten him. Hyperious and Terramorphous is next- if I have any luck I’ll let you know how I did it…

Sorry - it’s been one of those days where I’m sure I must be patient 0 in the zombie apocalypse…

Anyway, Did you reset your play-through after hitting OP8 so you can get the higher level mission rewards/items? That’ll at least help get you started.

So far the only invincible I’ve done solo is Pyro Pete. although that was level 72. After trying various things, I opted to grenade-jump to get up to the room on the scaffolding opposite the switch where you start the fight. Having tried various weapons, a shock Sandhawk and Bee shield really are the best combo for this fight. The Bee you can farm either Hunter Hellquist or the treants for; bonus if it’s alkaline or inflammable. You already know about the LLMs for legendary COMs, but you can also redo Marcus Mercenary Day and farm the train for those.

i don’t really use the items from missions so that’s a no, i have a op 8 bee shield but no op8 sandhawk of any type, also i didn’t realy want to do another playthru unless i start a new character

Would you mind posting a link to your build? Just use the skill calc and copy and paste the link of your build. Also too, it would be helpful to post your load out like your weapons, grenades, shields, class mods and relics you currently use/carry w/ Axton. The leg soldier class mod will always have +5 for skills w/ slight differences in stats from lvl 50-OP8. Having said that, a 50 will still do even perhaps at 72 given the right build and play style.

It’s like the sheriff’s badge, I was using the 50 in 61, then the 72 in OP8 until i got one in OP8 because of the minimal differences in stats but always the same 15% FFYL time across the levels mentioned.

heres the build i have right now

as for gear i use
all op8s double penetrating unkempt Harold
logans gun
grog nozzle
sledges shotgun
conferene cal
pitchfork sniper rifle

a couple different bone of ancients relics and stockpile reliecs
legendary soldier (level 50) , legendary enginer(op8) and slayer of terramorphis (level50) class mods

bee,sham,impalier, and blackhole shields, storm front grenade, and a longbow grenade
btw i keep the legendary soldier clas mod equpied with my current build

Just a slight tweak of your build (which is nearly similar to my own- I think you’ll benefit from having 10/10 in Impact). Both the Antagonist and Blockade are great shields for Axton while your build could also benefit from a L. Engineer mod as well- you might want to give it a try. Are any of your weapons elemental? If the Shreddifier is, match it to its proper use and it could be your main weapon. I’ve read that Axton can make good use of the Bekah- you could look that up if it interests you. I always keep a Magic Missile on hand for when my action skill is on cool down (and for when I want to use a high damage weapon, which the Grog Nozzle and Florentine aren’t necessarily so) and against Pete a Trespasser will come in handy (I’ve had a level 72 one work until I got to OP7). I’d try for a White Death for a better sniper rifle and an Anarchist over the Infinity- I’m not saying the Infinity doesn’t have a use, but I wouldn’t depend on it to get me out of FFl… Speaking of which, I can’t say that Ive seen too many good things said about the Bearcat and Sledge’s Shotgun- are you sure you want to use them? Have you tried the Kerblaster on Axton, or a Ravager, Hulk or Quad shotgun?

yes most of them are elemental, and i have just been using what i got , most of what u ur saying i should try i don’t own/have never owned, also i get bored with grinding loot easily if im not getting anything and its hard to even grind for loot if u cant even solo half the bosses in the game

Except for the Antagonist and Blockade, everything else I mention is either a quest reward (Trespasser, Lady Fist), random drop from a specific enemy (Magic Missile from sorcerers in the Tiny Tina dlc; Gettle in the Dust drops the White Death if you completed the Good, the Bad and the Mordecai side quest) or can be bought from vending machines (Ravager, Hulk, Quad). If you have the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day dlc the boss fight is repeatable after you finish it (it’s also very short as well). The loot train is a great source of decent to very good gear, with the occasional legendary thrown in (class mods and weapons can both be found there). Do you mind if I ask a question: did you solo the Peak or did you do it with help? Getting past the the multiple Doc Mercy’s, the Assassins, the twin Saturns and super badass surveyors is no cheap trick- if you did that then eventually you’ll get the hang of taking down the Invincibles. If you’re switching between all of them why not start with Pete, as he’s considered the easiest. The key for him is getting the timing down on when he’s about to do his novas- find one of the hiding spots that block them and it becomes a matter of attrition. Take off his helmet with the Trespasser and aim for his head to get in those crits- your Bitch should excel in that (unless it’s fire, which he is resistant to). Take your time, seek cover when needed and let your turrets draw his attention- keep that up and I’m sure you’ll take him down. After that, you can start trying the others. Good luck…

i had help with every boss with invincible in its name and thepeak,right thru to op8 i used to leave my game open so random people could join, most the legendrys i do have are from helpful people shareing stuff and yes i do have all the dlc and no i don’t have most of those items ur talking about and i don’t want to start another playthru with my axton to get the ones that are mission specific. fyi most of my solo grinding is loot midgets and mercenary day

If you’re on ps3 send me an FR @ pookie151 and I might have some if not all the shields and some of the weapons mentioned above.

The kerblaster and ravager are all available from the torgue vending machines. The kerblaster being a legendary cost 613 torgue tokens (TT) and you can choose between the prefixes. Then popular are as follows, nasty=damage +, wild=fire rate/accuracy+, or slippery=bullet speed+.

The ravager either purple (120 TT) or blue (60+TT?). Popular prefix choice would the Casual=pellet count+.

My bad, you’re on xbox, so anyway you can always post a request on this forum for these weapons.