Invincible Empyrean Sentinel Blood Rush Glitch

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #1

So, I’m fighting him with Melee Athena, no problem. But, almost every time I Blood Rush him, I get stuck in his FACE. Finally, I got stuck and got shot down, and it was impossible for me to get a second wind. I wouldn’t be too pissed off if I got to resume the fight with him still in his Empyrean form, but no, I have to START ALL OVER with his human form. This glitch needs to be fixed ASAP.

P.S. This glitch may occur during the main quest, but most of that time I forgot to Blood Rush Empyrean Sentinel, so I don’t know.

(The Bonerfart) #2

Yep also had this happen, while the instant recharge shield glitch was also going…

That fight was a glitch fest with my melee athena

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #3

Instant Recharge Shield Glitch?

(The Bonerfart) #4

I believe it comes from the putti in the area around the Sentinel, basically your shield will start to instantly recharge after every hit, I stood in a group of guardians and let them melee me for 5 mins straight and lived, easy save/quit fix though

With the melee glitch I ended up swapping my skills out for that fight and I don’t think ill farm that guy with her at lv60… I love her melee

(Killing Floor 2) #5

To put it bluntly, it’s shoddy collision detection and a failure of QA testing from either Gbx or 2k. You have the same issue with Felicity and Iwjajjwjawa as well and it’s really sad to see something so stupid get past testing and into a AAA title like this.

The best way to combat the issue is to press your backpedal key as soon as you hit the strike, it prevents Athena from getting stuck 95% of the time.